Why You Should Start A Travel Blog

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Have you been traveling a lot this summer? Are you keeping a record of your travels? If so, how are you doing it? If not, it’s time to start.

Traveling is an adventure, discovering new places, experiencing a variety of cultures, losing yourself in unknown lands. There’s so much excitement and time seems to pass by way to fast, because you’re having fun!

But what do you do when the excitement is over?

You can relive your experiences and let the memories live on, or share them with others, through your very own travel blog. Others have done it, so why can’t you?

Memories Fade 

Even that trip you took to Hawaii just last year isn’t as fresh in your mind as it was 6 months ago. As time passes, our memory fades and unless you have some reminders, the best parts of your trip could be forgotten altogether.

A travel blog almost acts like a journal, but you can include all of your pictures to easily scroll through as well. In fact, if you don’t want to write anything at all, you can share only pictures!

You Can Share More 

Instagram is great when you’re on the go and for sharing bite-sized snippets or your travels. In fact, digital nomads do it all the time. But what if you want to share more?  You don’t want to bombard your followers with a hundred pictures from your trip to Greece, but you do want to keep the memories alive.

A blog is the perfect way to share those pictures, with descriptions of where you were and what you were doing. You can send the link of the blog from your most recent trip to family and friends or post it on Facebook and then anyone who wants the full depth of your travels can see it.

Lasts Longer

We talked about how memories fade, but tangible items tend to fade too. So if you printed off a bunch of pictures or wrote down your experiences in a journal along the way, digitize them by putting them up on a blog. This will allow them to last much longer than a journal or hard copy photos would, especially if there was ever a natural disaster or accident that caused damage to them. Preserve your photos and journals by putting them online.

Keep in Touch

If you have time, update your blog during your travels. This will help your loved ones at home stay up to date on your travels when you are in a completely different time zone and don’t get to talk to them often.

This is a great idea if you travel often or for long amounts of time and don’t get to communicate with your friends and family often.

Learn New Skills

Have you ever blogged before? This is a great opportunity to learn some new skills while (or after) you experience new places! Learn to express yourself and your experiences through the written word and through the placement of your photos. Design your blog to have the look and feel that goes with the feelings you felt while you were traveling.

If you’re not sure where to start with a blog, you can always sign up for a free site like WordPress or Blogger. If you are more experienced and want to up your blog games with a more customized site, try an affordable option from Smartly Done Websites.


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