When Is It Time For a Routine Life Check-up?

We all know life can get very busy very quickly. There’s a tendency to let all those meetings and appointments take the reigns and pull you along. However, there are a few things you should check in on regularly. You should do this not only keep things running smoothly in your life. You can also catch and prevent any issues that could become major setbacks if left alone. When is the last time you performed a life check up?

Your Physical Health

You might have been really dedicated to bringing a healthy lunch to work every day. Soon you begin stopping in at the corner shop a few days a week. You might also be hitting the gym less, and putting off appointments with your dentist, chiropractor, or primary physician. It may not feel like it’s affecting your energy and motivation right now, but with more time, you could find yourself in an unpleasant place.

Take time at least monthly to assess your physical wellbeing and, if needed, make small changes to get your health back on track.

Your Mental Health

Mental health can be one of the most difficult things to notice changes in, especially as we can usually attribute our attitudes and actions to stressful projects we are working on or emotional situations we are experiencing.

Take time to de-stress by meditating or talk to a trusted friend or professional. A few short breaks throughout the day will help you to be more productive and happier as you take on the challenges of your day.

Your Vehicles and Home

How often do you wait to take your car into a mechanic until a few weeks after your maintenance lights come on? When you don’t understand what’s underneath the hood, it’s easy to worry that something is seriously wrong. Or, ignore it until it becomes a problem.

If you routinely check your tire pressure, change your oil, and replace your air filters, you can get around safely. You wont be left wondering when you’ll break down. If you have an older battery, get it checked by a specialist like The Battery Guy, then take care of your battery’s health by driving at least once a week and not letting the battery die.

Likewise, your home or apartment requires lots of maintenance. Keep your carpets in good condition, replace any appliances like the vacuum or microwave when needed, and check that you’re not spending more on utilities than you need to be.

Your Employment

You might absolutely love your job or you may hate it,. Either way, it’s important to check up on yourself. Yes, take a look at your workload, as that could be contributing to extra stress you’re experiencing both at work and in your personal life. You also want to look at how you and the position are complementing one another.

Have new processes and pieces of technology come out in your field that you aren’t up to date on? Now is the time to look into continuing education options like additional degrees or simple online courses that can bring you up to speed. Does your skill set now over-qualify you for the job you’re doing? Now is the time to look into promotional opportunities or approach your director about receiving a raise.

And if all of those things look great, you should at least take a look at your dusty resume and get it polished up again because, when the time comes to use it again, there is plenty of experience you might have forgotten about that should really be listed.

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