What Your Smile Says About You

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Seeing someone else smile can make you smile without even realizing you are doing it. Something in your brain just wants to turn the corners of your mouth up to mimic the happy expression. Whether you’re the type of person that is quick to smile or you tend to keep a straight face, your smile is communicating a lot about you.


Eyes are a window to the soul and they will give you away if you are fake smiling or actually expressing happiness. There is a muscle around your eyes that is called the orbicularis oculi and when you smile from joy, it involuntarily contracts. This contraction is what causes the smiling eyes, or crinkles near your eye. Most people aren’t able to move that muscle on demand so it can be a dead giveaway for a fake smile.


Your smile says a lot about how healthy you are. When you grin you show off your teeth and gums, which, instead of being windows to your soul, are windows to your health. If you have health issues your gums might be more red or white than they should be. Healthy gums should be a nice pink color. Poor health can also be seen in weak and discolored teeth. If you’re worried about the health of your smile visit with a trained dentist, like the ones at Grove City Dental, to learn what you can do to improve your grin.


If you genuinely smile at people they will feel like you are an honest person that they can trust. This is because you appear to be honest with your emotions and wear your heart on your sleeve. People will feel like you are dependable and they can trust you simply because you weren’t afraid to show your happiness.


People view someone with a confident smile as capable and willing. Your grin says that you are up for the task at hand and will accomplish it with little to no problems. Studies have shown that people who are more apt to smile are often more successful than those who choose to walk around with a glower on their face.


White teeth have become something of a status symbol in America. The desire to have gleaming straight white teeth has become so important that people are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to achieve that perfect grin.

If you are the type of person that feels like you have to have perfectly white teeth, you might be a perfectionist. Perfectionists tend to pay close attention to the little things. Caring whether your teeth are one shade of white as opposed to another is a sure sign that your mind is on the details.

Your smile doesn’t define who you are. It does help other people to feel like they know and understand you better. Ultimately, you decide what kind of person you are. To look friendly, turn your frown upside down.

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