Vacationing On A Budget – How To Stretch Your Dollar

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With limited money to spend on a vacation it can be hard to find ways to make your treasured vacations as wonderful as we all want them to be. Vacationing on a budget can require some there are some penny-pinching budgeting strategies that will allow get you the vacation you want without having to go the completely budget conscious way of the staycation!

Time of Travel- Consider the Off Season

Many places have peak seasons. To meet a tighter budget, try to find ways to avoid those seasons.

Schools Out- Prices are up: If traveling with children, you’ll have trouble avoiding this during the school year as prices peak when schools typically go on vacation. But you may have more flexibility during the summer. If traveling without children… make sure you aren’t choosing those dates when schools are out, as they are sure to be more expensive.

Tropical locations with beaches, ski resorts, national parks: these are all places with specific peak seasons dependent on weather. If you have the flexibility, why not try to find a way to visit the beach in the off season? Many tropical places are nice year round. Florida is often in the seventies even in winter months!

Consider Currency- What is Your Dollar worth

If you want to travel abroad, money conversion can make a big difference in travel cost. Look up your moneys conversion rate to whatever the local currency is. If the Peso is low, then it will cheaper to travel in Mexico vs. in Europe where the Euro is high. So check the places you are interested in and figure out how far your money is going to go there. Make that a factor in your choices. You can do this through Google or a currency exchange site.

Purchasing Tickets- Do your research

Package Deals

Many online sights will offer package bundles. Figure out what you need for your vacation before booking. If you need to rent a car or stay in a hotel, it may be cheaper to do that along with your flight. Booking separately can cost you extra.

Track Flight Prices

When you purchase your flight can also make a big difference in cost. There are websites out there that will predict when flight prices will drop. So even if you need to fly at a peak season time, you can still find the best time to purchase the flight!

Travel as a Pack

One of the best strategies for saving money is not to go it alone. If you can travel with friends and split costs on hotels, rented cars and so forth the price of travel falls off quickly. It may also mean finding deals on places you wouldn’t have otherwise. Maybe a friend knows someone who owns a timeshare where you want to go. Or if you have a friend who lives in a foreign country, they may get discounts that you couldn’t when traveling to nearby locations.

Find your Budget Traveling Style

You may have certain aspects of travel you are not willing to compromise on. That is fine. The idea of searching for deals is to find a way that you can keep the perks you feel you need while not going over budget. If you hate traveling with friends and have to go it alone, that is fine! If you need an Easter beach vacation with your kids, you can’t avoid peak season, that’s okay! Find the ways to save that fit your needs and then go out and have a fantastic time not worrying about the money you spent!

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