Tips to Make Your Housewarming Party Easy

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Have you moved a dozen times but never had the time to throw a housewarming party? That could explain why no one knows where you live.

We totally get it! Throwing a party can be a lot of planning and energy that you just can’t be bothered with. However, if you’re tired of letting everyone else be the homebody, you need to pull together a fun, easy-going party for this next move-in. Take care of these six things and you’ll be ready to go.

Main Event

No one wants to attend a housewarming party where people are standing around awkwardly not talking to each other, so make sure you give them a conversation starter with the main event. You may want to go with a theme, or you can keep it easy with these ideas:

  • Movie or Game Night – Pick something new surrounded by all the buzz, like your favorite awards show, or something classic everyone will automatically love to talk about.
  • Final Project – Have all your friends team up to finish the last touch on your home like arranging furniture or unpacking your kitchen. It will get done quick and give everyone plenty of time to hang out afterward.


Depending on the size of your place, you may need to limit the number of attendees or find extra seating. This can be as easy as grabbing your store of fuzzy blankets and pillows, then spreading them on the floor. You could also borrow a few seats from the neighbors or ask guests to bring camp chairs.

You’ll also want to plan for the coats and shoes of your guests. If it’s the middle of winter, have towels ready for wet boots and use a bedroom to keep coats from taking up space.


Everyone comes for the food, and sure you could plan an amazing dinner party, spending all day in the kitchen–but that’s not your style, right? Take it easy and stick with quick finger foods that will keep clean-up to a minimum.

No one would be disappointed if you ordered a few pizzas, but you could also pick up a few frozen items like mozzarella sticks and taquitos that you can toss in the oven easily. They’ll go great with those vegetable trays and cheese spreads you picked up as well.

Disposable Supplies

Now let’s talk a little more about clean up. Planning on finger foods means you don’t have to worry about more than cups, napkins, and plates.

If you’re all about sustainability and prefer to use your own dishes, your clean-up time will be faster. Otherwise, consider paper products for a quick throwaway. If you can stick with recyclable items made with sustainable plastic resins from BioLogiQ or similar companies, you won’t feel too guilty.

You’ll need to get trash bags because you will have more trash than you’re anticipating. Also, you’ll need to replenish your toilet paper stash as well.

Music & Entertainment

Every party needs music. If your housewarming is themed, you’ve already got a good idea of what music to play; otherwise, go for some classic tunes that also won’t mind being in the background.

When it comes to noise levels and quiet times, check your rental rules, as property managers like www.rooftoprentals.net may have a standard set of rules for you to follow or there may be a set specific to your contract.

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