The Skinny on Health Apps

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In a tech-driven age, is it any surprise that app stores are bursting with apps meant to help you track, maintain, and even identify concerns with your health? Health is a topic we never get tired of. While these health apps may help reduce our anxiety, we can’t help but wonder if they make much of a difference.

So why use a health app? Here are 4 reasons a health app or two might be the perfect addition to your smartphone.


Motivates You

If you knowingly signed on with a health app because you’re ready to improve your health, you’re already showing you’re willing to do the work. And because you’ve committed to the app on some level, you’re more likely to let it hold you accountable.

If you’re checking it as often as you check your social media accounts, it’s safe to say that you’re more likely to put some extra effort into making changes, too.


Tracks Your Progress

Many health apps will track your workouts and your progress as you go along. Having this data can help you create new health goals and stay focused on meeting them.

Whether those goals are to lose weight, complete a certain number of workouts each week, or keep nutrient levels in your body consistent through diet monitoring, you’ll have a more detailed record of even small steps forward. And because you have those hard facts, it can be easier to stick with those goals than before.


Offers Choices to Fit Your Lifestyle

Where most smartphones these days come with a built-in health app of some kind, there are more app functions out there than simply tracking your steps or sleeping patterns.

You can download apps full of workouts–varying from yoga to pilates, CrossFit, and strength training–meant for a range of skill levels, apps that provide education on health topics, and apps connecting you with professionals. These are comprised of videos, time trackers, and slides you can sort through to fit any time or place.


Records Important Health Information

Health apps can also be a great tool for those keeping record of their medications, insulin levels, or diet trends to be shared with a physician. Home health caregivers can easily track your progress in these, too, helping to catch any irregularities that might need to be addressed by a doctor sooner rather than later.

These apps are also a great source in case of emergencies. Having your health history and progress nearby could be an essential piece when you require immediate care.


Final Thoughts

Health apps aren’t for everyone. While most people who use them are younger, more active, and a bit more tech savvy, they aren’t the only way to stay motivated and track your health. And with an overabundance of apps now available, not just any old app can be trusted.

Before using an app, do some research on how accurate it is and whether it’s endorsed by trusted medical professionals. And remember that, as amazing as technology is, your health app should never be providing your diagnoses. They may, however, provide an indicator that you should follow up with your primary care physician.


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