The Importance Of Your Smile


Smiling is something I hope you find yourself doing every day. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. But too many people find themselves frowning more than they smile. The simple act of smiling has so many benefits. When you find yourself frowning, remember the benefits of smiling and try to get yourself to smile.

Health Benefits

We normally find ourselves smiling when we feel happy or are enjoying ourselves. If a friend tells us a joke or someone gives us a compliment, we naturally feel a desire to smile. Smiling can actually improve your mood – even if you don’t feel happy. A study found that smiling while you are sad can actually help you get in a better mood and think more positively. 

On top of improving your mood, smiling can help you release stress. Our bodies naturally have an increased heart rate when we are stressed. Smiling lowers the heart rate. Try smiling the next time you feel stressed and see if it helps you feel calmer. Because smiling lowers your heart rate it also helps lower your blood pressure. Laughter and smiling are great for your heart and even reduce your risk of getting a heart disease.

The idea that your attitude affects your entire body is correct. Positive thoughts, smiling, and laughter help boost your immune system. While negative thoughts and a negative attitude hinder your immune system. Smiling could also help you live longer – which makes sense when you think about all the health benefits smiling gives you. One study found that people who smile more, and more intensely, live longer lives.

Make Someone’s Day

We’ve all had bad days. We’ve all felt grumpy and irritated. What simple thing can help improve anyone’s day? A simple smile. The HuffPost wrote an article on how smiling at someone can make someone’s day brighter. They said that smiling demonstrates connection and kindness. The article also discussed how smiling can help us make a good first impression. Who doesn’t want to come off as a kind and friendly person? 


Self-confidence is something every person needs. It helps us build positive images of ourselves, and have confidence in our abilities to perform tasks. It can help us feel confident and comfortable when we interact with others. There are lots of ways to work on improving your self-confidence. One of the ways you can do this is by smiling. Smiling releases endorphins, aka “nature’s happy drugs”. Endorphins cause us to feel happy and positive. These positive emotions boost our self-confidence and can make us want to smile more. It can turn into a positive and helpful cycle.

How Can I Smile More?

You might be thinking, so smiling more is good for me, but I don’t feel like smiling most of the time. That’s fair, and honestly, I feel the same way a lot of the time. But just like anything in life, skills can be learned, attitudes can be changed, and we can help ourselves learn to smile more.

There are lots of reasons people don’t feel like smiling. One reason could be because they are self-conscious of their smile. I’ve been there before. It’s a lot less tempting to smile when you are worried about being judged for some crooked front teeth. But honestly, a smile is a smile! In this age of Hollywood perfection, we have some pretty high standards for what we think is a “good smile”. But if you stop and think, when someone, anyone, smiles at you, what do you think? I always just feel grateful for them smiling at me. I don’t dwell on how perfect their pearly whites are. So smile anyways if you are worried about your teeth! There’s a good chance that you notice more about your teeth than any other person does. 

That being said, if you want to make your smile more aesthetically pleasing, there are ways to do it. explains that braces can be used to help straighten out your teeth and even fix an over or underbite.

Creating a habit of smiling can be as simple as setting a goal to smile at 10 people today. Smiling helps you and helps those around you. So be generous and smile more

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