The 5 Best Things About Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

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College is an exciting time full of new adventures. One of those adventures is, hopefully, moving out of your parent’s house. There’s a lot of stress that comes with moving out on your own, but there are definitely some perks. These are the five best things that happen when you move out of your parents’ house.


1) Freedom

The first thing you’ll feel when you move out is an overwhelming sense of freedom. There is no longer someone to check in on you or to enforce that pesky curfew. Instead, you now make the rules. You get to decide when to go to bed, when to wake up, what to eat, and basically everything else going on in your life. This freedom is exciting and new.


2) Roommates (or  not)

There seem to be extreme feelings associated with roommates. People either love or hate their roommates. I loved mine, so I’m going to write about how great roommates can be (but it’s okay if you decide the best part of moving out is having an entire apartment to yourself too). My roommates became my second family. It was so fun to have a group of people I could constantly hang out with. It was like being able to have a nonstop sleepover. My roommates served as my instant best friends in my freshman year of college. In fact, I loved my roommates so much we all roomed together again sophomore year.


3) Decorating

Another great thing about moving into your own place is being able to decorate the place however you want. Sometimes it can be tricky finding affordable housing for college students, but once you do find it, it can be a ton of fun getting it all decorated to fit your vibe. I’m a fan of pictures, so when I got to college I plastered my apartment wall with pictures. I loved it. It showcased my life, who I was, and my place felt more like my new home.


4) Learning About Yourself

You learn a lot about yourself when you move out on your own. Having to handle all of your problems yourself helps you really discover your natural instincts as a person. Being able to learn more about yourself is definitely a perk of moving out of your parents’ home. It will help you find a stronger sense of personal identity and recognize things you like or dislike about yourself. It is always possible to change your habits or attitudes and living on your own can give you the freedom, space, and motivation you might need to start that process. It’s important to recognize ways in which you can make your place feel like home.


5) Appreciate Visiting Home

One of my favorite things about moving out of my parents’ home is that it helped me appreciate my parents and their home more. Living on my own made me miss my family and all of their funny quirks I used to find annoying. Being able to go home for a weekend and eat my mom’s yummy homemade food and enjoy the company of my family is the best, and living on my own helps me enjoy it that much more.


Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the adventure of moving out of your parents’ house and take the opportunity to decorate, find your style and friends, and appreciate your freedom and parents more. It is one of the best parts of college… so get packing!

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