Spring Cleaning: A Guide for Busy Homes

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It’s official, spring is in the air. As the majority of us are beginning to thaw out of our winter hibernation, we have dedicated this piece to spring cleaning tips to help you out. So, take off your winter coat and pull out your cleaning gloves for a happy, healthy home. Take a look at one of our favorite spring cleaning guides:

Clean Air Means Healthy Air

With warmer temperatures on the rise, lets open those windows and let our health-freak flag fly! A simple store-bought dusting solution to freshen up your furniture is a great place to get started. Make sure you take your taking wiping down items that might have collected dust over the winter. Be on the lookout for things such as your fan blades, baseboards, tables, and light fixtures. This will help eliminate built up dust. It can also alleviate cold-like symptoms of from if you’re allergic to dust.

If you have drapes, make sure to take them off the hooks and run them through an air-fluff cycle in your dryer with a wet towel. This will pull the dust from your drapes. Be sure to run your cycle for about 15 minutes or so, then hang them up immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Refresh Your Refrigerator

We’re all guilty of it, we let months pass by before finally realizing how badly the cleanliness of the fridge has gotten. Many people purchase solutions from the store to clean the unit; however, one of the best refrigerator cleaners is a simple combination of salt and soda water.

Be sure to remove all food from your refrigerator before spraying your shelves, drawers, and doors. Make sure you clean well so that no crumb or stain is left behind. Soon enough you will admire your like-new refrigerator. This is also an opportunity to reorganize the layout in your unit. Consider placing things with a purpose and think about what items are used most, and which are used the least. This is also a great time to consider getting rid of foods that have expired or you no longer want.

Wipe Down Those Windows

One of the great things about spring is the vibrant colors and you want to make sure that you can enjoy it with a good spring cleaning scrubbing of your windows. Use your favorite name-brand product on your window, or give a simple solution of soap and water a try. Be sure to soap them up with a rag following a quick drying treatment with another dry rag.

With clean windows you can kick back and relax to the beautiful spring flowers blooming outside of your home.

Air Your Linens

It’s important to wash your comforter and sheets regularly for various health reasons, but they don’t have to be dirty to need a quick refresher. Often times, blankets, pillows, comforters, and towels need a refreshing day out on the clothesline. Let’s face it, some fresh air never hurt any of us. You’ll be amazed at the fresh feeling of recently aired out linens.

Freshen Your Floors

A changing of seasons is a great opportunity to freshen up your floors as well. Whether you’re working with hardwoods or carpet, changes are they have dust settling along with dirt and debris.

Cleaning carpet can be as simple as a renting a carpet shampoo machine, but if you’re looking to keep it cheaper consider scrubbing your carpet with light water and soap. Make you’re not overdoing it or the carpet will become stiff and this could lead to damaged carpet. Instead, be conservative with the solution and be sure to test a small portion of your carpet to get a feel of how you’ll want to proceed. After a good shampoo, you’ll want to run your vacuum to collect any remaining dirt and dust.

If you’re cleaning hardwoods, consider a store-bough solution or give a small amount of vinegar in water with light soap to clean your floors. The vinegar acts as a helpful cleaner while the soap provides a helping hand.

This spring cleaning guide is a great way to get started on your home this season. Be sure to stay tuned for more helpful, healthy, home tips. Also, if you have some tips to share, be sure to drop us a line and share your story.

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