Seven Reasons to Smile

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You’ve probably heard all of these before, and while you instinctively believe they are true, these sayings can be hard to stomach if you’re in a trying mood or situation. So rather than forcing yourself to smile because someone is telling you to, review the seven reasons below that will let you smile on your own terms.

Because You’re Amused

Are you watching someone dig themselves into a hole? Or maybe they’re engaged in an activity that gets on your nerves? If you can’t do anything about it but you can’t look away, you might just dig yourself into your own pit of anger and that will follow you around for the rest of the day (if not longer).

So try to stop that tendency in the act and instead recognize the absurdity of what you are witnessing. Turn that frustration into a carefree amusement that will let you laugh and smile about the incident when you recount it to your friends.

Because You’re Anticipating Something Great

Future plans can usually offer a twinge of excitement. Accept those moments of anticipation by showing how you feel outwardly. Are you starting a new job? Moving to a new city? Celebrating a friend’s birthday? Shopping? Fishing? Whatever it is you love to do and you have down on the books, it can be just as much fun to imagine how much you’ll enjoy it before you even get there.

Because You’ve Survived

The struggle is always real, but the same struggles don’t always last. You may have a variety of hard things to get through in your lifetime like finals week, breakups, or something traumatic like physical or verbal abuse. It’s important to take a moment once the situation has lost its hold on you to experience the joy of being free of that pain or suffering. You are a survivor and you’re ready to move on to the amazing possibilities now laid out before you.

Because You Care

Smiles are not just to show pure happiness; they can also convey comfort and understanding (and if you want to give villains a place at the table, to reveal how sneaky and clever you think you are).

So maybe you won’t smile at everyone you pass on the street or even one person you pass on the street. But you may have a friend who needs a sympathetic smile and a child that needs a smile of encouragement to keep going when something scares them. You don’t have to force these smiles because they’ll come when you’re ready to share them.

Because You’re Smitten

If you’re smitten, it can feel almost impossible not to smile, and we’re not just talking about your new crush. Anything that you love to do can bring that blissful grin on. So maybe it is being with your significant other, but don’t forget to enjoy the smiles that come from loving the characters in your favorite TV show or knowing you look good in your new jeans.

Because You’re Happy

Sometimes happiness comes easily and other times, no matter how hard you try to force it, it just won’t come in which case you may need a routine self check-up. So when you are happy, embrace everything that feeling comes with–smile as hard and long as you can. And if you weren’t able to find the all-around happiness you wanted today, you can still smile because you’re happy with the effort you put in. Caring about yourself is something to be happy about, too.

Because You Have a Good One

Taking care of your teeth is a lifelong job, and they offer you a brand of magic that is all your own, so use that smile of yours just because you can! When you’ve had your teeth cleaned with a dentist like Family Dental Health Center, it’s okay to show off how good your mouth feels. Your smile is uniquely yours and that’s pretty incredible all on its own.


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