Safe Rules of the Road

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Road trips are a great chance to get a way and experience new things. However, car accidents can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, these accidents are often a result of unsafe driving and can result in injuries and massive hospital and mechanical bills. Though you won’t always be able to predict something happening to you while driving, there are ways to avoid an accident. Be sure to check out these helpful tips before your next road trip

Shoulder Check

Checking blind spots can be an easy way to avoid accidents. Make sure that you are looking at your blind spots by physically turning to check and not just using your mirrors. Mirrors can shift or be moved out of place by another driver and should not always be trusted. Make sure that you are aware of the blind spots of other vehicles and try to avoid them or spend as little time as possible in them. 

Drive Defensively

Everybody makes mistakes even on the road and it’s much safer to not assume that other drivers will be driving safely. When it’s your turn to go at a stoplight, you should still check if other vehicles will run it, if they are stuck in an awkward position on the road, or if they are sliding out of control on an icy road. It’s important that you drive as if someone is going to do something dangerous such as taking a sudden turn or hitting the breaks because it might just happen.

Stay out of the Far-Left Lane

The left lane is more susceptible to accidents from cars that are traveling at higher speeds. Using the right lane or middle lane can help you stay out of the way of cars. Especially,  if they’re traveling at unsafe speeds and helps you get to your exit without getting trapped. Many professionals have found that most highway accidents occur in the far left lane. 

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is a very common reason for car accidents and is best avoided. Texting or changing the settings on a device such as a GPS can be extremely dangerous and according to the firm Gilreath Associates, “Distracted driving one of the most common car accident causes.” In most states, being on your phone while driving is illegal. 

Keep Your Car in Great Shape

Your car has a lot of maintenance issues that you should be aware of. Make sure that you are aware of the last time that you changed your tires, brakes, and fluids. If your breaks are not as reactive to the pedals or your tire’s tread is worn, it can cause problems. These problem can range from blown tires or fender benders. Car fluids, such as oil or transmission fluid, can cause damage to your transmission and engine. If they are low you could feel your gears slipping or your engine might die while you’re on a busy road.

Be Aware of what’s Ahead

Being aware of what is ahead of you for 10 to 12 seconds is a helpful strategy. It can help you avoid fender benders and avoid obstacles such as animals or items falling off trucks.  Also, be sure to keep three seconds of distance from the vehicle in front of you. This will allow time for a reaction.

Of course, accidents are just that, accidents, and are sometimes unavoidable. Make sure that you contact your lawyer if you get into an accident and do not admit fault. You probably will not be in a good emotional state to know who was at fault. Make sure you get their information and call your lawyer. If you do get into a car accident, Hopkins Roden has a great explanation on steps to take after a car accident.

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