6 Perfect Presents for the Outdoorsy People in Your Life

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Are you one of those people who tends to wait until the last minute to get your Christmas shopping done? You aren’t alone; but, unfortunately, that’s part of the problem! So, get on it and find the perfect present for your friends and family this year before it’s too late.

The outdoorsy people in our lives can be difficult to shop for, especially in the winter time. But there are plenty of great gifts that you can find for them that they can use now – or wait until the Spring. Either way, they are sure to love these.

Travel Hammock

Hammocks are great for the outdoors. Whether you’re going camping or just want to lounge outside near the garden, these are great for relaxation in the outdoors. A hammock is the perfect gift for any lover of the outdoors – even if they already have one. (You can never have too many hammocks.) You can even get them a double hammock if they have a significant other they take on their travels with them.

Snow Gear

In the wintertime, it’s always nice to have an extra set of snow gear in the car for when you get a spontaneous urge telling you to go play in the snow. Your outdoorsy friends are sure to love a little extra gear that allows them to do the things they love easier. Get gloves, hats, scarves, pants, boots, socks, or jackets. Any of these things are going to be a much loved and used gift.

Landscaping Certificate

This is definitely a larger gift, probably reserved for close family members or as a group effort. Landscaping is the perfect gift to give to any lover of the outdoors. This helps make their perfect outdoor getaway right within their own yard. If the weather is warm enough where you live, they can use it immediately. But if it’s too cold, they can save it for the springtime and have Christmas all over again! Go to a local landscaper like www.ifyardbutler.com to inquire about landscaping certificates.

Life Straw (or Water Filter)

If your loved one is always traveling to new places that are off the grid, a LifeStraw or personal water filtration device is a great gift. It will allow them to have potable water wherever they go, keeping them safe and energized in their travels.


Anyone who hikes, camps, or is outdoors traveling a lot knows the value of a good backpack, and they probably wear through theirs fast. Find a good, durable hiking or travel bag for your outdoorsy friends. You can even fill it with some of their favorite treats as an added bonus.

National or State Parks Season Pass

It doesn’t cost a lot to visit a state or national park here and there, but when your friends spend their summer hitting all of the parks they can for their outdoor adventures, it can take a toll on their wallet. Most national parks and states have season and annual passes that they sell. Pick up a pass for your state or a nearby national park and place this in the stocking of your loved one or in a card for a friend. They will be sure to love it and use it often.

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