Marijuana vs Alcohol: What is Worse for Your Body?


Marijuana vs Alcohol

Have you seen sources that discuss the dangers of marijuana, but then wondered, how does marijuana stack up to the effects of alcohol? Its a question many of us have debated, however there are things to consider when discussing both marijuana vs alcohol and the effects both can have on the body.


Short Term Effects:

Memory impairment: Blackouts are a common side effect that occurs after heavy drinking.

Impaired reflexes and mental capacity: We’ve all seen someone who is drunk. Their personality changes as does their coordination. This is why there are laws about driving drunk—because we are not in full control of our bodies or minds while drinking.

Long Term Effects:

Cognitive problems: Mental effects that continue even when not drinking—yes, this means brain damage. It should be noted that this can often be reversible if a person stops drinking for an extended period of time (as in months/years).

Addiction: Alcohol is addictive which means that often even if someone wants to stop their body will crave more. Heavy drinkers are often not in full control of if they drink or not and need outside help to stop.

Organ damage: extended and heavy alcohol consumption can damage multiple organs. Liver disease is probably the most well-known, but it is far from the only way that alcohol can damage your body.

And so much more: The list goes on. It isn’t possible to list all the ways that severe alcohol consumption can damage your body in a short article but if you want to know more check out this reputable source.


Short Term Effects:

Pain control: Marijuana has medical uses and many doctors and patients swear by it. In fact, many states are in the process of passing legislation for its medical purpose.

Paranoia: Because marijuana affects the brain and how the user experiences the world it can cause taxing mental conditions like paranoia.

Long Term Effects:

Dependency: Marijuana is not addictive, but is shown to develop dependencies in heavy users. The rate of this dependency is much lower than the rate of addiction in alcohol.

Memory Problems: Most notably in those who started smoking pot young, as it is related to how the brain develops. Youth who were heavy smokers have been shown to have their brains develop in ways that permanently impair their ability to form short-term memories.

Respiratory Issues: Many of the same issues associated with cigarettes are present for those who smoke marijuana.

And more: Marijuana does not seem to be without its own set of risks. For some further exploration, find some links to the same sources as provided for alcohol only this time giving information about marijuana.

Comparing Alcohol and Marijuana

Heavy Pot smokers have long been propounding that alcohol is more damaging to health than marijuana. Evidence so far seems to be agreeing with that. What the evidence doesn’t seem to be saying is that marijuana is without risks and damages of its own.  While marijuana may be “healthier” than alcohol that does not make it good for you.

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