How to make the last years of your life the best

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They say that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes, but you really only know when one of those is about to happen.

No one likes to think of themselves dying, but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, we may be forced to think about it.

Whether it’s illness, injury, or simply getting older the end of life is near for all of us, and it’s important to make the time you have left really count.

Here are a couple ways to make the last years, or however much time you have, the best ones yet.

Take some risk

The best thing about this stage of life is you really don’t have much to lose, so it’s probably a good time to take a little risk.

Do something that you might have been afraid to do before, and it doesn’t have to something as crazy as bungee jumping unless that’s something you have always wanted to do of course.

It can even be as simple as trying a new food or taking a dance class. The end of your life is a great time to conquer your fears and push yourself to do things you never thought you would do.

Spend time with those you love

This may seem pretty obvious, but spending time with the ones you love the most is one of the best ways to spend what time you have left on this earth.

Sometimes due to geography, work, hospice care, or school, you might not be able to physically be with those people, but thanks to modern technology there are so many other ways to see and communicate with them.

Or if you have the means and the ability to do so don’t let anything stop you from being where they are.

Think outside yourself

When it comes to facing the end it can be tempting to sit and think about all the things you wanted to do and all the things you need and all your fears and doubts.

But one of the best ways to combat some of these thoughts and feelings is to find a way to give back to others and serve them in some way.

If you are able to, volunteer your time to a charity or organization that helps others or the community. Or if you aren’t necessarily able to do that you can donate money, food, clothing or anything else that others may need.

Talk about it

It’s ok to be frightened and unsure about this next phase of life, and nothing can help you more than talking to someone about it.

Whether it’s talking to your children and wanting to share your life’s story or tell them how much you love them or talking to a friend about your fears and doubts whatever it may be it’s good to be open and share your thoughts and feelings.

Write it down

Speaking of your life’s story, the remaining years or time of your life is a great time to write down all your memories and preserve them for the next generation.

Not only will you get to reminisce about the best times of your life but your posterity will get to benefit from it and it will be something they can cherish after you are gone to keep your memory alive.

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