In a Rut at College? 5 Changes That Can Help Renew Your Excitement

finding excitement at college

College is a crazy time. There is a ton you need to do, and the best way to ensure you get everything done is getting in a routine. 

The downside is that sometimes our routines become so rigid that we feel stuck. You may feel like a car stuck in the mud, the more gas you give to try and move forward, the deeper you dig yourself in.

Good news, you aren’t alone in this. Many college students feel this way. There are some things in your college experience that you have control over. It is important to take the reigns where you can and make some changes that will allow you to feel excited about college life again.  


As you go to your classes each day, do you find them interesting? Are you seeing where you will fit along a career path in this field of study? If not, you might need to consider changing. 

Now, I don’t recommend changing your major on a whim, nor should you do so to avoid a hard or undesirable class. What you should do is consider what you enjoy, and what your long term goals are. Switching majors can help you start a path for your dream career, and also make your semesters at college less of a drag.


Sometimes you go to your apartment after the end of a long day, and it feels like you’re home. Other times, it feels like a living space you share with other people you may not even like. 

If you are feeling the latter, it may be time to move out. I went through a similar situation at school where I just needed something new. I just did a search for affordable student housing for men and was presented with a lot of options to switch things up.

Social Group

Friends can be funny. If you have good ones, they make everything about life better. If you don’t you kind of wonder why you are their friend in the first place. 

I wouldn’t encourage you to abandon your friendships, unless these friendships are toxic, damaging, or unsafe, but I would suggest looking for people who will support you, get excited for you, and get you excited about life.  


This one has a couple of options. Work takes time and effort, and most college students can’t make it through without working. If you need a job, consider looking for a different one. You can try and find one that is related to your desired career, or just something that will change things up a bit.

If you don’t need to work for a semester, maybe take a semester off of work and use that time to invest in other ways to get yourself back in the game mentally. 

If you aren’t working, maybe you should. Go find a part-time job. Try to find something you will enjoy doing, but if you can’t at least you are getting paid for it.  


What do you do in your free time? Are you binging Netflix every free moment you get? That’s totally normal, I’ve always maintained you aren’t a real college student if you didn’t watch The Office completely through at least twice. 

Finding hobbies outside of streaming TV can be really freeing. Maybe it’s exercising, maybe it’s taking a class at a community center, or maybe it is fixing up your car. Whatever the hobby, it can really change your outlook on college to have a fun, stress-relieving activity to do every now and then. 


Have fun at college. There will plenty of stressful times, so do your best to control the aspects of your life that you can to create a life outside of class that will keep you happy and excited about school. Work hard, college goes by faster than you think.

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