How You Are Damaging Your Knees Without Even Knowing It

ways to hurt your knees

No matter how active a lifestyle you lead, your knees are an important factor in most daily activities. You use them to sit, walk run, lift, and chase your dog or kids around. You use them to cook, clean, and do your yard work.

So what would happen if this important part of your body were to get injured?

According to the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 15 million Americans go to the doctor each year with knee-related injuries. And the truth is, many of these injuries could be prevented just by adjusting how we use and treat these crucial joints.

Here are some ways you may be damaging your knees without knowing it, which, without taking notice, will lead you straight to knee surgery.


Wearing the Wrong Shoes

This is a common way that most people are adding stress to their knees without really knowing it.

The thing is it’s actually very easy to identify the types of shoes that are damaging your knees because they are usually the types of shoes that are the most uncomfortable.

If they are too tight, too high, have no support, and you usually can only wear them for short amounts of time, they are probably the shoes that are going to lead to knee injuries.

Make sure to get shoes that are comfortable and have the proper support, and it will ensure that your knees are more likely to be protected from daily injury.


Sitting Around Too Much

That may seem like it goes against logic when preventing your knees from giving out, but sitting around can actually harm your knees when done too much.

Inactivity weakens your knees, meaning that when your body needs to use them to accomplish a task, they aren’t able to withstand the strain of being used and the chance of being injured is so much higher.

When you are active and exercise, you help to build muscles and strengthen your joints which help defend them against getting hurt.

So one of the ways to help prevent knee injuries, in the long run, is to make sure you exercise, but also don’t overdo it with too much high impact exercise. Balance is definitely the key.


Ignoring the Pain

When it comes to any type of pain in your body, the best rule of thumb is to not ignore it. This is especially true when it comes to any type of pain related to your knees.

One of the biggest ways somebody can really damage their knees is having chronic knee pain and just ignoring it. Chronic pain usually signals that something wrong, and eventually your knees, or other important joints connected to the knees, could give out.

If you are having continuous pain in your knees, it’s time to call the doctor or knee surgeon. If you don’t know who to contact, search the internet for knee surgery physicians in or near your city.


Being Overweight

It is important to be healthy and live an active lifestyle for your overall health, and it is especially true when it comes to your knees.

Added weight means added stress and pressure to all your joints. In the long run, they are more susceptible to injury because they’ve been wearing down over time.

As was mentioned before, making sure to exercise properly and often can help you reach an ideal weight that will be healthy for you and your joints.


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