How to Get Out of A Funk

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So you’re in a funk and you’re not sure how to get out. That feeling of being stuck looks different for everyone, but similar thoughts and feelings will go through your mind. Things like “I don’t want to be here”, “I don’t have the energy for [insert activity here]”.

One of the worst parts of being in a funk is realizing you don’t really know how you got there in the first place. It’s hard to know how to get out without knowing how you got there. These 6 things are stepping stones that can counter the bad juju you’ve got going and hopefully help you find your way into something new and joyful.

Get Out of Your Head

If you sit there like me, overthinking and overanalyzing yourself into a downward spiral, it’s time for a clean break where you can reset your thought patterns. Get out of your head by focusing on something unrelated to your funk, or even better, do something where your mind can go on autopilot.

Exercise is a great escape. The pounding of your feet on a run or the quiet breathing of a yoga practice can provide a feeling of power and growth to fight off the helplessness of your funk. You can also unplug from tech and dive into a book or craft. With that thought reset, you can return to yourself with a confidence in your abilities to get things done or make changes.

Try Something New

In a similar fashion, trying something new can provide you with confidence to make changes or be more innovative to get out of your rut. This could be something extreme like skydiving or something as laidback as trying out a healthy potato recipe.

Reconsider an interest you’ve felt you don’t have time for. Revisit an activity you’ve dismissed because it seemed too hard or like it wasn’t your style. That one new thing could provide the change of pace you were looking for.

Visit an Unfamiliar Place

I know I can spend so much time following a routine that every familiar thing I see adds to the heavy funk I’m buried under, and visiting a place I’ve never been or don’t see often can get me to see with new eyes.

You don’t have to travel across the world and spend hundreds of dollars either. Hop a bus to the next city over or drive up into the mountains for some cool fresh air. While you’re noticing happy details there, you’re practicing for when you return. Hopefully, you’ll bring that happiness and amusement back to slay your funk.

Find Things to Appreciate About the Now

Often a funk can come from longing too much for the past or from waiting for big changes in the future. When we invest so much outside of the present, the foundation of our joy in the present crumbles.

Stop the battle on your current situation by giving it some weapons to fight back. So maybe you’re in a funk, but that doesn’t mean it permeates everything in your life right now. Remember what those things are, don’t let your funk poison them; rather, focus on how pure those good things are. Having a hard time getting started? This article has some great ideas to get you thinking.

Connect with Someone

When your own efforts aren’t enough to fill the murky world with some light, call on a buddy to set it with a spark. Do any of these things with a good friend beside you. Not really your thing?

Just get out where you can be around people whether you know them or not. Exchange some witty conversation with a bartender or attend a local band show and sing along with a stranger. A bit of human interaction can remind you that moments have fun possibilities, establishing new friendships or supplying interesting anecdotes for the future.

Visit a Doctor

Sometimes a “funk” can be the result of very real stress that we feel. If you are often sick, facing anxiety, or feel overwhelming stress, try visiting your doctor.
Maybe you have other health problems like dental issues that haven’t been addressed. If that’s the case, then determine what the issue is and seek out the proper care to treat the problem. Once you have done this, you might find the weight of your stress lighten substantially.

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