Finding a Healthy Mental State Of Mind

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A healthy mental state of mind cannot be found on a scale. Sometimes in a sea of diets and how-tos it is easy to get too focused on our weight, to sink into the trap of counting calories instead of focusing on health. Let’s take a step away from that and focus in on the part of health that seems to get sidetracked the most often—your state of mind.

Mental Well-being

Mental health is just as important as physical health. It allows us to value ourselves, cope with stress and live a productive life. But what are some good ways of maintaining your mental well-being? There isn’t a scale to step on, but there are ways to promote mental health just as there are ways to promote physical health.

Connect with yourself and others

Take the time to consider what matters to you and how you are feeling. Don’t ignore your needs or put them aside. Being aware of when you need a break, or a boost from something like a lunch out with a friend or a haircut can make all the difference in maintaining the feeling of self-worth we all need. If you need the additional help, consider seeking a psychiatrist to openly discuss challenges you might be faced with.

Make sure to connect with others. Spend time building and maintaining positive relationships. One of the biggest contributors to our sense of self-worth is having a community around us that cares and giving back to that community.

Go unplugged

Put down your phone. Step away from your computer and your tv. While screens provide mindless entertainment, they don’t provide mental or physical stimulation. Part of mental health is letting your mind work.

Screen time: No type of screen time is healthy for our mental or physical health. Some is excusable but make sure you are stepping away and letting your mind work on its own.

Social Media: The current focus on smart-phones and social media is proven to have a horrible effect on mental health. Not only is it isolating, but it leads to a dependence on the opinions of others. A sense of self-worth doesn’t ever come from others, and if you step away from the social media for a bit, you may find yours naturally improves.

This is a great article on the effects of screen time on mental health—it focuses on teenagers but the effects aren’t any different on adults.

Pursue a passion

We all have things that interest us. Things we feel passionate about. Follow those feelings. Encourage yourself to have a hobby or develop a new skill. This is one of the biggest contributors to self-worth.


Your Mental Well-being Matters

Your mental well-being matters because you matter. If you don’t already know that, then take some time out to remind yourself. Your health matters more than your weight… in fact the only reason your weight matters is because you do. Make sure you aren’t focusing so hard on the details that you forget the big picture (that’s you!)

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