Celebrating Life When a Loved One Passes

balloon used a funeral service

Losing a loved one can be a painful thing, even after a painful battle with disease or a wonderfully long life. You tell yourself that they are finally comfortable again, but that doesn’t heal the ache that was left with their passing. If you would like to celebrate their life at their memorial service here are a few suggestions.

  1. Colors

Ask everyone coming to the ceremony to wear your loved one’s favorite color. This will add a special piece of them to the service instead of everyone being dressed in the color of mourning.

  1. Balloons

Have everyone write a special note to the person who has passed away and tie it to a balloon. Then you can do a group balloon release sending your messages up to the one you miss. The same idea applies to sky lanterns. You could have everyone write on the lantern and then send them up together.

  1. Playlist

Play their favorite songs. Not just their favorite somber songs, but the ones that they would want to get up and dance to. Nothing says let’s celebrate like good old music.

  1. Books

If the person who passed was a lover of books you could ask friends and family to bring a copy of their favorite book with a message written inside in memorial of the person. Additionally, have everyone exchange books.

  1. Memorial Tree

If you hold their memorial outdoors you could have a memorial tree with pictures hanging from the branches or jars with their favorite flower in them hanging in the tree.

  1. Memory Book

Have a memory book at the service for people to flip through. It can be filled with pictures and favorite quotes that people remember them saying.

  1. Games

Have your loved one’s favorite games available for guests to play. This is a great way to include cards or board games to recall special occasions.

  1. Seeds

Were they an avid gardener? Consider packets of seeds available for each of the guests to take home. This is a great way to create new life in their memory.

  1. Open Mic

Invite friends and family to come up and share stories and memories of the deceased with everyone.

  1. Fun Facts

Put together a list of fun facts that you can have at each table or insert into the program. This is a wonderful way to help people get to know a new side of the friend they lost.

  1. Food

If you’re having a family and friend luncheon or dinner serve the favorite food of the person who passed away. Or you could serve food that they use to cook and have the recipe available for anyone who wants to take it home.

  1. Candy

Have bowls filled with their favorite candy placed on each table. If there is a special memory associated with the candy, incorporate that into the service with a nice card.

With happy reminders of your loved one’s life, it will turn a sad service into a happy occasion. People will be able to smile and enjoy the life that affected each of them.

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