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  • road trip in car

    Safe Rules of the Road

    Road trips are a great chance to get a way and experience new things. However, car accidents can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, these accidents are often a result of unsafe driving…

  • college student walking with books

    5 Tips to Get You Through College

    You walk through a concrete courtyard. Unfamiliar buildings that line said courtyard tower above you. You walk through crowds of strangers to get to your destination, math class. Okay, that may…

  • young couple enjoying fair

    5 Reasons to Visit Your State Fair

    Fall may herald the beginning of school, holiday shopping, and oversized sweaters, but it also rings in a spectacle for everyone to enjoy: the state fair. Never been? You can probably…

  • young couple start a travel blog

    Why You Should Start A Travel Blog

    Have you been traveling a lot this summer? Are you keeping a record of your travels? If so, how are you doing it? If not, it’s time to start. Traveling is…

  • tourist signs

    5 Fun Ways to Get Lost & Take a Break

    Wait a minute: actually get lost? Not quite. We’re far from wishing you ill. We’re not talking about getting lost in the woods, lost in translation (the saying or the movie),…

  • train moving tourists on vacation

    5 Ways to Get Around on A Vacation

    One of the biggest decisions when planning your next travel vacation is picking which mode of transportation is going to get you the experience you’re looking for. A lot of times…

  • roadtrip

    Fun Ways To Shorten Roadtrips

    Since spring is in the air, many of us may be making travel plans to accompany the changing in seasons. March and April are the official kick off months to spring-break…