A Recipe For The Perfect Summer Night


Getting out and moving can seem tedious especially if it’s on your doctor’s orders. Physical Therapists, like the ones at Pickpt.com, will often assign so many minutes of exercise per day to help you in your recovery which can feel like a lot to ask. To make it seem less like a medical prescription and more like a good time, plan fun ways to get yourself moving like camping trips or a day at the lake. Here is a simple evening recipe for getting you through your physical therapy while still enjoying yourself.  

A Beautiful Trail

Start by finding a scenic place to do your exercise. Having beautiful things to look at as you get moving will make the time go much faster and be way more enjoyable. This way you can distract your mind with thoughts of birds and trees instead of how tired you feel.

A Few Friends

No one ever said you had to exercise on your own. Invite a few of your friends to join you on this little adventure so you can have people to chat with as you work out and then relax. Most people are always game for a lovely walk in the woods and yummy food to finish it off.

Yummy Food

Next, pack yourself an easy recipe to enjoy after you’ve finished your exercise. If you’ve picked a nature park, then I would suggest taking the time beforehand to making a simple tin foil dinner to enjoy. This will mean less work for you after you just finished your work out, so you can just relax while your food cooks.

Tin Foil Dinner Recipe

  • 1 chopped potato
  • ¼ chopped onion
  • 1 chopped steak
  • A handful of carrots
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Vegetable Oil

Put everything on a piece of tin foil and then securely wrap up the meal with more tin foil. Now all you need is a fire to cook your yummy dinner and you’re ready to enjoy your food. Once you have the fire going place your dinner at the edge of the flames and allow it to cook for about 5-8 minutes. Then flip the foil dinner over and allow it to cook for about the same amount of time. You’ll know it’s ready when the potatoes and carrots are soft.

Dessert To Top You Off

If you have a campfire then you might as well take advantage of it. Bring along some graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows so you can enjoy a few s’mores after you’ve finished your tin foil dinners.

Seats For Comfort

For your comfort remember to bring along camping chairs so you have somewhere to relax while your dinner is cooking. A warm blanket is also a good idea just in case it cools off after the sun goes down. Getting your exercise in for physical therapy is starting to sound like more fun, isn’t it?

You never need to resign yourself to a boring exercise again. Just make sure to always plan to have a good time and you’ll enjoy what you’re doing. Everything is so much better with friends and food and then you’ll always have something worth looking forward to.

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