7 Classic, but Timeless Fall Activites


Yeah, I love fall. The weather cools down, football is on, the colors are beautiful, and it hosts two of the best four holidays of the year. It is never too early to begin planning fall activities. 

I am upfront that this list is not cutting edge or groundbreaking. It does, however, focus on the very best that fall has to offer.

Pumpkin Patch

This is a great activity for families. Pumpkin patches are huge farms with a seemingly infinite number of pumpkins. Many of them offer fun activities like face painting, slides, mazes, or caramel apples. It is full of fun. Though many are targeted at families, and specifically children, they are also great date night locations for an older crowd/

Pumpkin Carving

Can you get more classic that carving a pumpkin? Pumpkin carving is such a fun activity, even if you aren’t that great at it. The orange canvas is yours to let your inner Picasso shine. Pumpkin carving competitions enhance the fun, with the winner not only having a quality pumpkin but legit bragging rights for the rest of the season. 

Corn Maze

The corn maze is another classic, but never boring activity. Corn mazes are awesome for small and large groups of people. They provide a great puzzle and opportunity to stretch your minds and hopefully help to improve the sense of direction for our friends who are challenged in that department. It would be equally fun, and very lucrative, to build a maze. If you are interested check out mazeplay.com for guidance on how to get started.

Chili Cook-off

Being a judge at one of these events is awesome, and possibly hard on your stomach. Chili cook-offs are great ways to gather a group of friends and enjoy their company over food. Imagine, a group of friends together on a cool fall evening, enjoying warm bowls of homemade chili. Cliche? Maybe, but it still sounds awesome.

Costume Party

Halloween is one of the most popular fall events. Costume parties essentially replace trick or treating when you grow up. Costume contests are something a lot of us get really invested in, and it is really fun to see how creative people are. Hosting a great costume party might include food, candy, music, costume judging contest, and activities. Let every one gather and just have fun!  

Take a scenic drive

There is not a more beautiful time in nature than fall, in my opinion. Mother Nature is optimized with leaves exploding in fireworks of color, cool breezes, and delightful smells filling the air. Drive out into the country, take some backroads, an just take it all in. The beauty, the serenity, and the moment. It will surely create lasting memories and fondness of fall time. 

Go to a high school football game

I love football. It is one of the most popular sports in America, and it is very fun to be a part of. Going to a Friday night high school football game is part of the culture where I am from. It is awesome to see how many people turn up to these events. It is fun to watch kids who love the game, laying it all out on the field. Join in the excitement and cheer your team on to victory, or crushing defeat which is more accurate of my experience.

Fall is the best season. With so many seasonal activities, there is something for everyone. Go enjoy yourself and have fun, because that my friends is the essence of fall.

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