6 Things To Make a Great College Experience

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College will forever be a time that you think back on fondly or choose to never think about due to negative memories. I think for many of us, it’s a mix of both. We have times where we were on top of the world, and others where we felt we couldn’t sink lower.

The good news is that a lot of your college experience will be as good as you choose to make it. You can make choices and put yourself in places to have a great experience and leave school better than when you first set foot on campus.

Field of Study

I have met people before who were miserable with their current major. Most of us who have had that experience, which is the majority of college students at some point, switch our major. Don’t be afraid to do so. Don’t spend your time studying something you don’t enjoy that will not make for a fulfilling career.

You don’t need to rush into deciding what to do with your life. Use campus resources to help determine what you love. Take introductory courses to get exposed to the basic material. There are plenty of ways for you to find something you love to do, don’t settle!


When you get to campus, make new friends. Surrounding yourself with goods, quality people will allow you to have a support system and a group of people to relax with. Between roommates, classmates, or people you meet elsewhere on campus you have a ton of people that you can befriend. You might just meet a lifelong friend while at school.

On the flip side, make sure you find friends that will help you to succeed and grow. Don’t attach to the first person you meet and hang around no matter what. The purpose of having friends is to connect with other people, to support each other, and to have fun together. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people who drag you down.


The difference between living at a great apartment complex and a terrible one is astronomical. There will be some places where the apartment feels like just a place where you go to sleep. If you go to the library to escape your apartment, then you might need to move.

A great apartment will be one of the best things about your college experience. With top-notch apartments, there is a great social atmosphere, the people are awesome, and it becomes your home. It will be a place to relax and recharge. Check out for a fantastic example of college apartments that provide a quality living experience.


One thing that will really change your college experience is your desire and motivation. Why are you here? What are you hoping to accomplish? Let your goals be your motivation. Most of us don’t go to college with that being the end goal. We have a dream or a career in mind. Let that motivate you. I promise there will be times where you do not want to be in college, and it likely won’t just be a few times. Always look for ways to remind yourself of your goals, and to push for your dreams.

Personal Time

There are going to be times where you want to do nothing but lie in bed and watch Netflix, and there is honestly nothing wrong with that. You need to take time to relax and let the stress and worries take a rest. Find something you enjoy doing like reading a book, watching sports, working out, drawing, etc and take time to do it.

The key here is learning when to take this time and knowing how to limit it. You can’t do this all the time, nor should you do it when you need to be in class or have an important assignment to work on. Discipline and moderation are key, but this will serve as an effective way to help improve your mood and overall college experience.


Getting involved is a great way to enrich your college experience. This can take many forms. You could go participate in a major related club or society as a resume booster. Consider volunteering, or become a tutor to help others. You could participate in intramurals just for fun. There are countless on-campus opportunities, as well as around your town for ways to get involved in something worthwhile. For more information on getting involved and popularity of intramurals in your school, check out the Princeton Review

College can be great. Some say it will be the best years of your life. I honestly hope that isn’t true, I hope life gets continually better for you. I do hope that when you graduate you can look back on the good, bad and in-between memories and know your experience prepared you for what is yet to come, and smile.

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