6 Things to Do This Summer With Your Free Time

enjoying summer in field

You may this summer, like many others, find yourself with more free time than normal. It’s one of the highlights of summer. You can spend your time relaxing and just enjoying not having to be in school or your time off of work.

Or…you could get out and do more. You could fill your day with meaningful and sun things to do. Okay, all of it may not be fun but it will still be a great way to have a productive and fulfilling summer.


There are many events that go in during the summer. There are runs, parades, festivals, and much more. Take the opportunity to be involved in your community and go be a volunteer. There are a ton of activities, so you are sure to find one that meets your interest.

Read a Book

It seems more and more that people don’t enjoy to read as much as they used to. The great thing is that you don’t have to love reading in order to read a book. No one is asking you to race through it only to pick up another.

Find a genre you find interesting and just take some time out of your day to read. It could be fiction, fantasy, romance, or tips on being a good entrepreneur. Reading helps our mind focus, but it also allows you to put everything else on hold and take some time to yourself.

Take Your Pet to the Vet

I’m sorry about that rhyme…moving on. Many people forget that their pets need check-ups, just like they do. You should visit the veterinarian with your pet at least once a year.  If you have been slacking, now’s your chance for redemption. If you don’t even know where to find a vet, just do a Google search for veterinarian near you and get that process started!


If you have some open space on your property, go garden. It isn’t too late to start, there are many plants that actually do very well in the heat, like moonflowers and hibiscus plants. So go out there and plant yourself a garden. It will give you a good hobby and get you outdoors. Win-win.

Go For a Walk

When the weather is warm it is nice to go walk. You get to be outside enjoying the warm weather you wanted so badly during the winter. Walking is a good way to get some exercise and make sure you are staying healthy.

Walking during the cooler parts of the day is sometimes more desirable. The morning is the best time, as the sun hasn’t come up yet. Even in the evening as the sun starts to set, which isn’t until very late in the summer, the heat likes to stick around, so plan your walks accordingly.


Meditating is a great way to take some personal time and get that relaxation I mentioned at the beginning of this article. You can just clear your mind and try not to worry about the stress and craziness of life. Go to the park and enjoy the nice weather. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on a mat to meditate, it could just be closing your eyes and sitting on a bench. Just go and let your mind relax.


Summer is a time to get out and do, not just sit around. Make the most of this summer by getting involved and getting things done.

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