6 Storage Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

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I’m a newlywed going to college. I’ve got a pretty tight budget, but I also have a ridiculous amount of stuff. I live in a small basement apartment with fairly minimal storage. I’ve had to get creative and think of less traditional ways to store all my things. Maybe you are in the same position as me, or maybe you just want some cool new storage ideas – these 6 ideas can help you up your storage game. 

The first step in increasing your storage space is to maximize the space or furniture you already have. The most common issue for finding storage space is finding the floor space to put a new storage container. So instead of filling your floor with gray tote bins, try to think about storing things vertically or under or in other furniture.

Under the Bed

This is a classic college storage hack move. The under the bed space is totally usable floor space. This is my one tip that suggests you use floor space. You’re never going to find yourself going under the bed or tripping on things that are tucked under the bed. Instead of letting under your bed collect dust and stay empty. Try putting some rolling bins under there and maximize that floor space. For even more storage space, use bed risers to lift your bed a few extra inches to allow for taller storage bins, or drawers, or maybe your laundry hamper to fit under there.

Floating Shelves

You probably don’t have a lot of extra floor space, but there’s a good chance you have plenty of wall space. Wall space can be utilized as storage space without taking up any room on the floor. You can use floating shelves to give yourself a bookshelf with no footprint. Store textbooks, movies, a cute plant, whatever you need to get off the floor on your floating shelf and maximize your storage space while adding a chic element of decoration to the room.

 Storage Ottomans

A storage ottoman is smart to use because it’s a multi-functional piece of furniture. It’s going to look cute, provide seating or a footrest, and, if you are wise and get the hollowed-out version with a removable lid, it’s going to provide more storage. You can use it to store shoes, blankets, books, whatever you need to put away.

The second step to maximizing your storage space is to more effectively use the storage you already have. This means getting organized and having a space-saving system for your drawers and closets.

Roll the Clothes

Folding clothes is a typical way to store clothes because we can see them easily and they lay nice and flat in our drawers. Another option is to roll clothes though. Rolling clothes can help you get your clothes more tightly packed into the drawer.

Drawer Organizers

At first, this one might sound like a bad idea because the whole point of this article is about storing what you already have, and this suggestion tells you to add something extra to the dresser. But I promise it’s worth it. A drawer organizer isn’t going to take up that much extra space and is going to help you keep all of your items organized. What’s the point in storing things if you’ll never be able to find them?

Hanging Closet Rod

This tip is specifically for helping you get the most out of a small clothes closet. If you find yourself with too many items to hang on that one closet rod, then look into getting a second hanging closet rod. You hang it from the first rod and then your space for hanging shirts is doubled.

These 6 storage ideas can definitely help you maximize your space. But, truthfully, sometimes you’ll need to get rid of some things. So if you’ve utilized all the space you have, and still feel crowded, really analyze what you want to keep. Then toss or donate the rest. Keeping your apartment open, clean, and organized will help you feel less stressed and happier.

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