6 Reasons You Might Be Exhausted

feeling exhausted

Are you feeling exhausted? You might have noticed it’s harder for you to get up in the morning or make it through a routine workout. It’s not uncommon for people to experience pronounced fatigue, but it’s not always easy to figure out why you’re experiencing it.

People also have a habit of dismissing their fatigue, but if experienced over a prolonged time period, you may need to do something to address it instead. Here are 6 things that could be causing your loss of energy and how to start counteracting that feeling of being exhausted.



The simplest explanation you feel exhausted is you aren’t getting enough sleep, but getting yourself to go to sleep earlier is often the hardest solution to comply with. Do your mind and body a favor by sticking to a bedtime routine.

This could include a set amount of time to get ready for bed before your actual bedtime, putting away your phone and any electronics early, and better time management for homework or social obligations.



You may feel too busy to take time for physical activity and, by the time you get home, you’re too tired to do anything but sink into the couch; however, a lack of regular movement could be making your fatigue worse.

You should plan for some level of exercise or more intense movement for 30 minutes a day. With all sorts of workouts on YouTube, you can do something at home that you’ll enjoy: calming yoga, intense body-weight circuits, or energizing dance choreography from your favorite music video can all help to keep your muscles, heart, and lungs strong while decreasing your tiredness.


Mental Health

If you experience anxiety, depression, or constant levels of stress, you may have increased physical and mental fatigue. Often people try to push through these times, but if you aren’t getting any sort of respite, this can wear you down even more.

Be kind to your mind by giving it space from things that add to your mental burden. Some options for this are talking to a trusted friend, family member, or professional, practicing mindfulness or meditation, and physically removing yourself from areas associated with those mental draws often.



The foods you take into your body impact more than your weight and skin. The foods you eat directly affect your energy, both mentally and physically, so make sure you’re consuming a healthy combination of quick- and slow-release foods, taking into account any allergies or intolerances you have.

Remember that variety is important so your body can get the different nutrient-types it needs. You may be drinking too much soda and coffee, too, and while they taste good, they don’t do much to keep your body hydrated. Water is essential to keeping your body moving and energized.


Medical Condition

If you’re already doing all these things and still experiencing fatigue, there may be something more complex at work. You could have a condition like hypothyroidism where your thyroid isn’t producing enough of the right hormones or sleep apnea where your upper airway gets blocked repeatedly while you’re trying to sleep.

Make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your concerns about fatigue. Some options they may find helpful for you, depending on your symptoms, could include doing a sleep study, adjusting your current medications, or a procedure to remove or reposition obstructions in your airway.

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