6 Beautiful Ideas for Your Rustic Wedding

decorations at rustic wedding

The big day is coming and it’s time to plan the perfect look for your wedding. Trying to get those creative juices flowing? If you are going for the rustic wedding here are a few simple decorations you might want to consider.

Antique Gas Lamps

Need a classic but unique look for your table lighting? Pick up some old gas lamps from the thrift or antique store. This may take more than one trip, but every now and then you should be able to score a lamp or two. You should be able to find oil in your wedding colors to fill the lamps with, adding a nice personalized touch. Now your guest can eat by rustic firelight.  

Wooden Lettering

The bride and groom table should be clearly and adorably marked. One way of distinguishing the head table is to place wooden letters of “Mr and Mrs” in their table spots. Not only is this perfectly rustic, but it also helps let the wedding guests know which direction they are going to need to turn in their seats for toasting the new happy couple.

Old Crates

There are many wonderful uses for old crates at a rustic themed wedding. One simple use would be to have a crate on your present table for gathering the cards people bring. Another use is as simple stacking display. Crates are wonderful for creating different levels to set pictures and other decorations on.

Wooden Initial Cake Topper

Many people like the classic bride and groom cake topper, but if you are not one of those people you may want to consider something a little more personalized. A delicate wooden cake topper with your initials or your new last name is a fun and simple way to add a little rustic charm to your wedding cake. Just throw on a few flowers and your cake will look almost too beautiful to eat.

Mirror Display

For this display, you’ll either need to take another trip to the thrift store or raid your grandmother’s house. The idea is to collect old fashion mirrors. They can be hand-held or wall hanging. Then create a display wall of the mirrors. This will help give your venue a charmingly rustic and almost whimsical feeling.

Old Windows or Glass Doors

Another simple rustic display is old windows or doors propped up in different places. You could even leave window markers by the displays so guests can write you and your new spouse good luck notes in their spare time.

With these ideas, plus the hundreds of things you’ve pinned on Pinterest, the problem now is finally deciding which ones to actually use. Don’t stress yourself out. Whatever you pick will be beautiful. Just keep in mind that when all is said and done, your friends and family are really coming to celebrate with you, not judge your decorations. When the wedding day hits, the planning and worry time is over. Just be happy and celebrate!

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