5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Hips Without Even Knowing It

ways you could be hurting your hips

When you are young, one of the last things you are thinking about when you are doing anything is, “Oh this might make me get a hip replacement someday.”

Orthopedic surgery isn’t something people typically worry about, but in reality, they should be more aware of how their current activities affect their hip health.

Your hips are very important; the more you wear them out, the sooner you will feel it and the sooner you will have to take more serious and drastic measures to care for them.

Here are five ways you are hurting your hips without even knowing it, and recognizing them now will help prevent a heap-load of pain later.


A Few Extra Pounds

Being healthy and staying in shape is important for all your joints, but even a little extra weight can have some lasting effects on your hip and knee joints.

According to Harvard Medical School, our bodies are built to hold certain amounts of weight, and this applies to our hips and joints as well. The specifics obviously vary for each person and each body type. Luckily our bodies know how to compensate for most scenarios, but they also have limits.

Through proper diet and exercise, we can keep our weight evenly and healthily distributed for pain-free joints.


A Sedentary Lifestyle

This is something we hear often when it comes to the health of the body, but that’s because it’s a highly valid and true point.

When we sit too much or stand in the same positions too much, it can put strain on your hips that eventually turn into something more painful and severe.

Getting up and moving will exercise your muscles and allow your joints to be more flexible and loose, which helps prevent the need for hip or orthopedic surgery in the long run.


Not Knowing your Health History

Even though you can do many things to prevent the eventuality of hip pain, there are also hereditary hip and bone predispositions to consider.

If problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis run in your family, it is important to be aware of and keep them in mind of when it comes to your hip and joint health.

In these cases, it’s especially important to be mindful of your overall health, meaning staying active, watching your weight, and eating a nutritionally balanced diet.


High Heels

Not surprising at all is learning that what you decide to put on your feet and walk around in all day can contribute to lower back and hip pain.

Wearing high heels of two inches or more too often can cause back pain and hip pain.

It’s best to wear super high heels sparingly, and if for some reason your profession or personal preference requires heels on a daily basis, keep them on the shorter side.


Repetitive Exercises on Your Hips

Exercise is important and very beneficial to your body, but it also depends on the types of exercise you do.

An important thing to remember is to not do too many lateral exercises. A good examples of this is walking every day, those forward and backward–lateral-movements. When you go to the gym, make sure to do exercises that require other movements, not just the elliptical, bike, or treadmill.

Switch it up with exercises that require you to move side to side, because this works different types of muscles which will help your hips with all the different movements that your body needs to make, or prepare your body to handle more extreme circumstances like falling or twisting the wrong way.

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