5 Ways to Get Around on A Vacation

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One of the biggest decisions when planning your next travel vacation is picking which mode of transportation is going to get you the experience you’re looking for. A lot of times it will be a mix of transit options, and the percentage of use for each depends heavily on where exactly it is that you plan to travel.

With a brief explanation of each type of transportation below, you can mix and match until you’ve come up with the perfect plan.

Travel by Airplane

If you want to get to your destination quickly, air travel is the obvious way to go. Chances are you’ll use this option for your long-distance travel anyway, whether that’s Europe or South Africa, but if you want to maximize the time spent in your destination while also cutting back on the stress of juggling too many maps and timetables, this will get it all done for you.

Although it’s the fastest mode of transportation, it will likely be the most expensive. It may also come with delays and layovers that could mess with your schedule.

Travel by Train

For those who still want to travel quickly but without the hassle of airport security and baggage restrictions, going by train is worth considering. You get better up-close views of the scenery going by, not to mention seating that’s a bit roomier so you can get a quick nap.

Trains will have several stops in the heart of some great places, so if you plan well, you can get a quick visit to destinations along the way. If it’s a long ride, train tickets can start to get just as expensive as plane tickets. Not all destinations have user-friendly train travel either.

Travel by Bus

Taking a charter bus or similar public transit is a good choice for last-minute bookings with a much cheaper price tag. Even better, they tend to have more off-and-on stops, helping you get exactly where you’re trying to go rather than just in the general area.

That said, buses can also turn into a less-than-pleasant experience as travel time is at its longest. You’ll be sharing the charter with strangers, too, who could either end up your best friends or worst nightmare.

Travel by Car

Nothing says adventure like renting a car or driving your own. This, of course, only works when your destination is not across an ocean. Some people prefer a road trip style vacation because getting there is half the fun. It’s an incredibly flexible option as well, allowing you to seek out hotspots other transportation services could never access.

The cons for this would be factoring in the cost of gas, traveling somewhere that you’re not qualified to drive, and managing your navigation.

Travel by Boat

Your idea of boat travel is probably the many cruises going up and down various coasts, but the truth is there are some destinations that are only accessible by boat, like several islands in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. There are also plenty of places that offer ferries, so tourists can take day trips alongside commuters and visit less-trodden islands.

If you’re planning to use this method to really explore the hidden nooks of your destination, you may be abroad for quite some time. So while you’re off traveling around, leave your home in good hands, whether that’s with a neighbor checking in, a friend house-sitting, or companies like Rooftop Rentals that can manage your property and bring in a few extra bucks for your adventure.

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