5 things to get rid of in 2019

new years resolutions

The great thing about a new year is that it means a new beginning; a time where you can start fresh.

It can also be a time to get your priorities in order and evaluate what is really important and necessary and what you maybe need to get rid of.

Whether it’s relationships, clothes, junk in your storage, or whatever it may be let 2019 be a time to clean up your life and create clean air and a clean space.

Here are five things to get rid of in 2019 to help you with that clean slate and only be left with the things that truly help you to be the best you.

Negative self-talk

Sometimes the most hurtful and unhelpful things that are said are said to ourselves, and we don’t realize how much that can really hinder our personal progress.

Let 2019 be time to quite those negative thoughts and feelings and allow yourself to make mistakes or reach for your dreams and don’t be the one to hold you back.

Get rid of negative self-talk in 2019 and understand that wherever you are in life you are enough and awesome and worth everything you want or are striving for.

People that make you feel less than on social media

You might be thinking that this is kind of immature. But to create a freer and happier you in 2019, this could be very beneficial.

If you have people who you follow, whether they be friends, celebrities, or influencers who always make you feel bad about your life or that your life isn’t enough, it may be a good idea to just unfollow them.

The thing about what we see on social media is what we actually control. The way you feel when you scroll can be changed by simply unfollowing and decluttering your social accounts.

Clutter in your home

This is an obvious one, but nonetheless, it’s a good reminder. The new year can be a great opportunity to get rid of junk you don’t use anymore. It just takes up space you could be using.

It also doesn’t even necessarily have to be junk, it could be stuff that is still useful, but you haven’t used in a long time. What you can do is sell it or donate to someone who will get use out of it.

Last year’s resolutions

A new year is a time for new resolutions, not ones you keep on repeating from year to year.

Sit down and ask yourself, “Is going to the gym more really going to help my life that much?” or losing five pounds, or whatever it may be.

Brainstorm goals that will benefit your life in more ways than just superficially or that won’t be long-lasting.

You will find that you will be more likely to reach those deeper, more meaningful goals. Be able to create new ones just like that each year.

Anything toxic in your life

From people to mold that may be in your home, get rid of things that are not good for you or your loved ones this year.

Go around your home and deeply inspect every nook and cranny. Make sure there aren’t any toxic substances that could be doing more harm than you realized.

If you find any mold, contact professionals like Pure Maintenance of Iowa to help disinfect and get rid of it for good.

Do you have friends and family members who only seem to have a negative impact on your life? Try to distance yourself from them and know that boundaries are totally ok and necessary. This is important for your emotional and mental health.

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