5 things to check off your winter bucket list

melting snowman in winter

As the cold months start to turn very cold and the days get shorter and the snow higher, it may be tempting to just go inside and hibernate for the rest of winter.

But the truth is there are so many things, even in the cold, that can make wintertime way more bearable and even super fun.

Here are five ideas for creating a winter bucket list, or five more things to add if you already have one.


Build your own Frosty the Snowman


If there is one thing that will make you feel like a child again, it is going out in the snow and building your own snowman.

Take your kids outside and teach them how it’s done, and make sure to have all the accessories to really bring them to life. You can even make a snow family if you are all feeling really motivated.


Find somewhere fun to go ice skating


Nothing says winter more than going ice skating, but part of the fun is finding the primo location to skate at.

Whether it’s a frozen lake, inside the rink, or one in the middle of the city, get your family and friends together and go out for a little spin! And don’t forget about one of the best parts, getting some hot cocoa after!


Putting up the Christmas tree and Christmas lights


You can’t have winter without Christmas, and the day after Thanksgiving (or sooner for some) signals the time to put up all the decorations and all the lights so everyone can feel your Christmas cheer.

You can have everyone pick out their favorite decorations and place them on the tree, or put up all the lights you can to make your home so bright there’s no way that Santa could ever miss it!

Make sure you have the right electrical supplies so everything stays bright and safe all winter long.


Make some cookies


Not all of the next winter activities you do have to be outdoors, including making a giant batch of holiday cookies.

Not only are they oh so tasty, but you can make enough to share for your whole family, friends, and neighbors! After all, it’s the season of giving, and nothing will warm your heart more than seeing the smiles on their faces as they receive this delicious treat from someone they love.


Throw a fun party


If you are all going to stay inside, you might as well do it all together!

Winter is a great time to have a party with all your friends and loved ones. You can make it fun and have an Ugly Sweater Christmas party, or have a game night or pajama movie night.

You can even turn it a little spooky and have a murder mystery dinner! Whatever you decide, with lots of good food and friends you will be likely to forget how cold it really is outside.

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