5 Reasons to Visit Your State Fair

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Fall may herald the beginning of school, holiday shopping, and oversized sweaters, but it also rings in a spectacle for everyone to enjoy: the state fair.

Never been? You can probably get behind a few of these reasons to attend at least once. And if you’ve been before, it might be time to branch out and experience a side to the fair that you’ve never seen before.

State Fair Food

One of the biggest calls to attend the state fair is all the delicious fair food. Trust us, you’re likely to spend more time recounting every delectable bite than you are to detail your trek from booth to booth.

They have everything to choose between, from scones to turkey legs and street tacos to Indian food. You’ll be among all your favorite varieties of food. And even better? Because you’ll be walking from place to place, you won’t have trouble fitting that fried cheesecake into your full belly. If you’re trying to save money, you can always pack a healthy snack for the family as well.

The Carnival

If you’re looking for a date night, the fair carnival is a staple. With rides that go fast or slow, spin or loop, there’s something for everyone, even the kiddos. And if even the heights of the Ferris Wheel aren’t your thing, well, there’s more to carnivals than the rides.

The rides have tons of carnival games scattered between them. So try your hand at winning a goldfish or shooting down stacks of bottles, and you might leave the fair with a stuffed animal clutched in your sweetheart’s arms. The games are great too because you can play as little or as much as you want so your budget doesn’t have to dictate the fun.

The Exhibits & Competitions

You could spend your whole time occupied with food and games, but what makes a fair special is all the exhibitions and competition submissions. You get to see the amazing displays created by people living right in your neck of the woods–things you might never have seen otherwise.

Perusing the art and photography is a must, triggering your own ideas for travel and creativity, but it doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget to admire the cake decorating and recipe contests. And of course, what would a fair be without a pie-eating contest?

If you’re starting to feel like you need a break from all that food, you can stop into the farmyard to see all sorts of animals who receive judging for how well they were raised or how well they show in an arena.

There will definitely be the classics you’re looking for like cows and horses. However you’ll be surprised by the other animals you weren’t expecting like rabbits and goats.

The Shows

If you’re not much into the typical country life, there are headliners for the city folk. You can find stage shows going on at all hours showcasing singers and dancers along with contortionists and escape artists.

Hopefully, they get you warmed up for the main event: the rodeo. Take the time to see some cowboys in their element (perhaps sustaining a sports injury or two), and you’ll wish this wasn’t your first rodeo. You can then follow up the athletic display with a concert, possibly headlined by your favorite country artist.

The People

If none of that gets you pumped about visiting, remember that the fairgrounds are filled with interesting people and local businesses.

You can do your usual people-watching and browsing for hours on end. You’ll probably come out of the whole affair with a few free items like pencils or goody bags, too.

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