5 Reasons To Start Collecting Coins

coin collecting

Are you looking for a hobby, but aren’t sure what to pick up? You should consider coin collecting. It’s something that is worth the investment and will keep you busy for years to come. If you’re on the fence about becoming a coin collector here are a few reasons you should give it a try.

Precious Metal

The price of gold and silver has historically been in an upwards climb due to increasingly limited resources. Many parents choose to invest in coins because it is a minimal investment that will give a reward, even if that reward is only a slight increase in value. At least you can take comfort in knowing there is a very low probability of losing money when coin collecting.


It may not seem like much but coin collecting is a great legacy to leave behind for your posterity. Your coins will be a piece of you that you poured time and effort into. Your children will be able to fondly remember you as they look through the coins that you so carefully categorized.


When you collect an old coin it is a window into the past. Coins are always being distributed and discontinued so even coins from your country that are just 50 years old could have a story to tell. The wonder is in taking the time to learn your coin’s story.

Studying a coin’s life can lead you to learn things about politics and culture you never would have thought to research without your coin pointing you in the right direction. If you have your kids collect coins with you then this could be a great learning experience for everyone involved.


Coin collecting used to be thought of as an old man’s hobby, but that stigma is quickly changing. More youth and women are getting involved in the wonderful world of coin collecting. Take comfort in knowing that you are entering a vast and diverse group of collectors.

Not only is coin collecting something anyone can get involved in, but there are also so many options for what coins you’ll collect. You could try collecting coins from a certain time period. Or try finding Abraham Lincoln pennies dating back to when they were first minted in 1909, the centennial of his birth. There are so many options to choose from.


Coin collecting can be anything from working with a local coin dealing business to scouring the beach with a metal detector to see what you can find. It’s a modern day treasure hunt that you get to play out in whatever way you would like. The challenge is in finding that perfect coin that you’ve been searching for.

Whether you choose to collect coins form every place you visit or take a deep dive into history there is something out there for everyone. Be as dedicated as you want. You can visit pawn shops and jewelers to find your perfect coin or find it sitting along the road. Coin collecting is whatever kind of hobby you make it.


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