5 Reasons to Invest in Your Pet’s Checkup

check ups for pets

You love your pets and they love you and you do all you can to make sure they are happy and healthy.

You always make sure they have good food and that you take them on walks or let them outside to get fresh air and exercise.

With all this love and care that you are giving to your pets, are you making sure to take them to the vet at least once a year?

Just like humans,  pets require a check up at least once a year, or more if it is recommended, is really important and can help your pet to live their longest life possible.

There are many reasons to take your pet to the vet, but here are five reasons to help you understand why you should do it if you haven’t yet this year.

They can see things that you can’t

You may think you know your pet inside and out, but in reality, you can’t spend every minute of every day with them so you might not notice subtle signs of differences in your pet that could actually indicate something is wrong.

At the annual vet visit for your pet, your vet will be able to do a thorough check of the health of your pet and notify you of anything they notice and help you to know what to do if there is anything wrong.

You and your pet will be grateful for their discerning eye.

Saves you money

When a pet gets really sick and needs serious care, it usually comes at a steep price.

Of course, because we love our pets we are willing to do whatever it takes or pay any amount to make sure they are back to being healthy, but having an annual visit with your local vet could help prevent costly health issues and catch them when they are a lot more manageable to treat and pay for.

Make an appointment at a local vet today, such as Sunnyside Vet Clinic, or any other veterinary office that you feel comfortable taking your pet.

All the right shots

Some pets require more vaccinations than others, and taking your pet to the vet every year will ensure that they are receiving the types of vaccinations that they need.

This is especially true if you do things with your pet like traveling or taking them to kennels or pet hotels when you go out of town.

A healthy smile

The nice thing about pets is that you don’t have to take them to the vet and then a pet dentist; your vet will actually be the one to check your pet’s teeth and make sure they are healthy.

This is another reason why it is so important to take them in for their yearly visit, because if your pet has teeth issues it can lead to other health problems, so it’s best to get those cleared up.

Learning the best care

Taking your pet to their yearly check-up not only helps them to be healthy, but it also is an opportunity for you to be educated on how you can keep them healthy at home.

The vet can educate you on the best food, medications, and ways to take care of your pet and be able to more easily identify any future health issues.

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