5 Last Minute Rainy Day Workouts

running on a rainy day

You’ve started working out and it’s been going really well. The weather has been great, your runner’s tan is coming along, then disaster strikes–you wake up and it’s stormy as all get out. You think, “Maybe it will clear up by this afternoon,” but the wind only howls more. You can hardly see through the precipitation as you make your way home from work. There is no way you’ll get any exercising done in this weather, but what can you do indoors? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with 5 last-minute rainy day workouts so you can keep up your streak.


Full Body Circuit

It never hurts to stick with a classic. Bodyweight circuits are super customizable, so whatever your level, you’ll come away with a step forward in your fitness goals. If you have any home fitness equipment (weights, lightweight bars, an elliptical) incorporate them to intensify your workout. Pick from the following basic exercises, then organize them into sets and reps that fit your time limit. There are lots of fun variations to use as well so you can keep it interesting.


  • Squats – also try squat jacks, squat jumps, or squat pulses
  • Push-ups – also try tricep push-ups, push-up jacks, or burpees
  • Lunges – also try split lunge jumps, walking lunges, or curtsy lunges
  • Crunches – also try bicycle, reverse, or v-sit crunches
  • Tricep dips – also try overhead tricep presses


Jump rope

Jump rope is great cardio and you can do it even when you have very little space. The right rope length will reach your armpits while you’re standing on the rope. To get started, simply jump in place and begin adding skills like crosses, footwork, backward jumping, or double unders to give yourself a challenge. A few minutes of jump rope will have your whole body warm and your lung capacity expanding.



Don’t worry, you don’t have to dance in front of anyone. Jump on YouTube and find the choreography for your favorite music video. There are tons of professional dancers who break down the steps for you, and even more who have come up with simple routines so you can enjoy the music without getting lost in the steps. Not only will you work up a good sweat, but you’ll be ready with some new moves for the dance floor.



If you have an indoor pool nearby, grab your suit and jump in. Swimming is a great full body exercise and it can be refreshing to be soaked in water instead of sweat. You can swim laps, take part in a water aerobics class, or take it freestyle and just have a good time. Plus, you can reward yourself with a few minutes in the sauna. What’s not to like?



There are so many ways to access yoga these days, it would be a shame not to mention it here. You can look up yoga poses to help with flexibility and strength in your trouble areas, many of which have step by step instructions. You can also stream videos from your favorite athletic training celebrities. There’s a yoga instructor out there for everyone, so whether you like a relaxed or rigid practice, you can end the day feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the outdoors tomorrow.


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