5 habits of people with clean homes

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Everyone has that friend that it seems no matter how many kids they have, how busy they are, or what time of the year it is when you go to their home it always seems to be spotless. Then you come home to your house which feels like no matter how hard you try is always in some form of disarray. You ask yourself, “How do they do it and how can I make that happen in my home?”

Although it can feel like that will never be you or that it’s just too much work, they most likely keep their home clean with some essential daily habits that they have mastered.

Here are five habits of people with really clean homes. If you master these habits as well, you will look around and find that your home is also spotless and clean.

Pick up as you go

One of the ways big messes become big messes is that they are not cleaned up when there are just a few things that can be easily picked up.

A great habit to get into if you want a clean house all of the time is to pick up as you go.

When you are walking around your house and you notice things that are not in the place where they are supposed to be, pick them up and put them away right then instead of leaving them and waiting around. Eventually that will probably turn into a bigger mess and become more overwhelming to clean.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly is one of those habits that can really make a difference in the cleanliness of your home.

The nice thing about a vacuum is you can use it for more than just picking up the dirt and grime your kids create. You can also use the various nozzles and hoses to pick up crumbs and dust off your furniture and lights.

Just like picking up as you go, the more you vacuum the less you will have to pick up because the buildup won’t be as big in between.

Have storage for everything

An easy way to make sure that everything ends up where it supposed to be instead of on the floor or on furniture is to make sure it has an easy place to go to.

Having storage containers around the house such as baskets make it easy for you to ask your kids or husband to put things away. Then they easily throw it in those baskets and containers. Plus, it looks nice, and the junk is out of the way.

Deep clean the carpets

Daily vacuuming is a great start to a spotless house, but the true secret to making sure your house looks and smells clean is too deep to clean the carpets once a week or once a month.

You can hire a professional steam cleaning company to do it. Or you can rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself. You can easily go online and find sites such as idahosteamcleaning.com to hire the cleaners or look up other cleaners in your area.

You will love the way your house looks and smells after these deep carpet cleanings, and it will also leave your carpet looking new instead of dingy and dirty.

A  load of laundry a day

Laundry is one of the most tedious and time-consuming chores. But it is truly one of those habits that must be done daily. You will find the messes in your house to seem so much smaller and your rooms much more organized.

Create a habit of doing at least one load of laundry every day. Make sure to put away and fold the entire load as well.

When you do just one load each day laundry will become much less overwhelming. You can fold the clothes in front of your TV watching your favorite show and then it won’t even feel like a chore anymore.

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