5 Fun Ways to Get Lost & Take a Break

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Wait a minute: actually get lost? Not quite. We’re far from wishing you ill.

We’re not talking about getting lost in the woods, lost in translation (the saying or the movie), or being told to “get lost” by your favorite high school bully. But we are talking about losing yourself in something new, different, or off the beaten path of your weekly grind.

Because work can get hectic, home life can take on a semblance of drudgery. Routinely filling the coffee pot in the morning with the same brew can predictably bring your family into the kitchen ten minutes later–we know it’s time for you to run away. At least for the weekend.

We’ve got some excellent ways lined up for you to lose yourself!

Get Lost in the City

For the person perfectly happy to cling to modern comforts, there’s nothing like exploring a city. Whether it’s brand new to you or you know their airport like the back of your hand, cities are filled with intriguing museums, exotic restaurants, and fascinating historical sites that can keep you entertained for weeks.

So pick out an area you’ve never been to before and give yourself time to wander the streets, taking in everything that you can.

Get Lost in Nature

When you’re adventurous and fidgety, it’s time to make a break in the middle of nowhere. A campsite is the perfect jump into activities that will have you immersed in the unbelievable beauty of nature.

Whether you want to hike, bike, swim, or kayak, just make sure you don’t actually get lost. Keep that map close and make sure someone always knows where you’re headed.

Get Lost on Purpose

No traumatic flashbacks, please, unless they involve hay bales, scarecrows, and preferably no trauma at all. Corn mazes are not just for the Fall. Plus, they don’t have to be filled with terrifying ghouls either.

Not sure where to find a maze this time of year? MazePlay has an interactive map to help you sort through maze locations and the dates they are open. It’s all the thrill of getting lost on purpose without skipping out on meals or sleep in your nice warm bed.

Get Lost in Each Other

When all you want to do is spend time with your best friend and/or significant other, getting lost might look a lot like a quick weekend getaway. Here you can hang out, eat at your favorite restaurants, and indulge in a much-needed dose of good conversation.

You’ll feel right at home even while you’re getting lost in each other’s eyes. (Awwww.)

Get Lost in the Story

If you’re a bit fed up with your proximity to people and the amount of noise they can make, it’s time to disappear inside. Don’t stop yourself from getting drawn into a series–book or film both work, we’re not picky!–and fall in love with the characters you meet.

Whether you choose something brand new or an old favorite like The Office or Harry Potter, you can’t go wrong by losing yourself in an enticing tale for several hours.

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