5 Activities for Clean-Fun on a Friday Night in College

healthy college Friday night fun

College is busy and stressful. Everyone can agree with that simple statement. Sometimes, when Friday finally hits what people really need, instead of a hangover the next day, is some good laughs and time with friends.

Being stuck in a college town where you don’t know the area or the people can make it hard to get out and do stuff. But you don’t need to leave your student housing to find a good time. Here are a few fun things you can do at your own house to make your Friday fun.


If you’re a college student then chances are you’re not the best cook. Don’t worry, that will just add to the fun. Divide everyone up in teams. Have each team write down two random ingredients and put them in a hat. Every team will then pick two items out of the hat and try to make something edible. The more random the better. If one team gets chocolate and onions all I can say is, good luck! You can also try your luck at some healthy cooking options as well.

Glow in the Dark

Most people are usually down for a good game of charades, but what if it is in the dark? Take a quick trip down to the dollar store and grab tape and enough glow sticks to make everyone into a glow-in-the-dark stick figure. Once everyone has been made into a glowing figurine enjoy a few rounds of charades. An impromptu dance party with a bunch of glowing stick figures could be pretty fun too!

Themed Movie Night

Invite friends over for a themed movie night. An example would be Star Wars themed. Watch Star Wars while eating themed food

  • Han-burgers
  • Leia buns (cinnamon rolls)
  • Lightsabers (pretzel sticks dipped in green or red colored chocolate)

Any movie could have a theme. Get creative!

Bob Ross Paint Night

Boss Ross will never fail you. Pull up one of his old painting videos and try to follow along. He usually uses oil paint, but don’t let that limit you. Oil paint can be expensive so some other options might be watercolor or acrylic paint, crayons, markers or whatever you have.

Mooch Cookies

If you’re wanting to get to know your neighbors you can always make these overly friendly cookies. Find a cookie recipe, such as a no-bake cookie recipe, that you would like to make. If you don’t have the ingredients, that is alright, you’re about to get them. Go around to other apartments and ask for one ingredient per apartment. This gives you a chance to say hello and it saves you a trip to the store. Try not to use anything that you already have. The goal is to be able to collect every ingredient from other apartments near you.

I hope one of these random activities can provide you with a Friday evening full of fun. When it all comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter what you do but who you’re with. Try to loosen up, laugh and have a good time.

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