4 Ways to Know if Your Hip or Back is Causing Your Pain

back and hip pain

When you are in pain it can be hard to pinpoint the source. All you know is that it hurts.

As we get older, hip and back problems can become a regular reality. It can be difficult to differentiate the pain between the two.

It is beneficial to know how to recognize your pain when it happens. 

Here are some ways to know if it’s your hip or your back causing your pain.

Diagnosing Hip Pain

You have pain towards your groin area

If you feel like your pain is more centered toward your groin and is usually worse on one side, it is likely that the source of the pain is your hip.

The reason that hip problems and hip pain are usually felt in this area is that the actual hip joint is very close to the spine, causing confusion as to what the source of the actual pain really is.

The pain goes away when you rest

If you find that when you walk around the pain increases or that you find yourself limping when you walk the problem probably lies with your hip.

This is especially true if you find that some of the pain and discomfort goes away if you sit down and rest after trying to walk around or stay on your feet a lot.

If you have any of those issues it’s probably a good idea to visit to learn more and to make an appointment with your local orthopedic doctor.

Diagnosing Back Pain

You have pain that shoots down your leg

Sometimes back or spinal pain can be deceiving because you may feel it in your upper hip area or a pain shooting down your leg, but that kind of pain is usually rooted in your spine or spinal disks.

This is because if a spinal disc is out of sorts or not in the right place it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves causing that pain which is called sciatica, and that is when you can feel the pain going down the leg.

You have constant pain in your hip or bottom area

As mentioned before, back pain can be hard to pinpoint.

If the pain you experience doesn’t improve you need to talk to a doctor or chiropractor.

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