4 Ways to Combat Boredom

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I find myself thinking “I’m bored” much too often. I’m always wishing I had more free time and then half the time I have free time I don’t know what to do with myself. I know I’m not the only one who finds themselves with this issue. I live in student housing, so I have to find some creative ways to keep myself entertained. So this is for the bored college student, or any other bored person, who’s looking to do something fun for cheap. 


Music is a beautiful thing. I’m almost always listening to music. If I’m doing chores, I’m singing along to music in the background; if I’m doing homework, I’m listening to classical pieces to help me concentrate. I use music to help myself keep busy. I play cello and piano. Playing instruments is one of my favorite ways to spend my downtime. As a kid, I didn’t love sitting down to play a complicated etude or scales, and honestly, I still don’t enjoy that. But I love to sit down and just play a song that I love. Creating music requires concentration and dedication and can cure my boredom almost any day. A bonus to using music to combat boredom is that I feel productive while doing it. Sometimes I feel guilty if I am not spending my precious free time productively, but with music, I don’t experience that guilt.


If I don’t feel like playing cello or piano, my next move is to watch a movie. I’m an avid enjoyer of all things movies. I love classics like Man in the Iron Mask or Phantom of the Opera, but also love rom-coms and feel-goods like The Proposal and Sweet Home Alabama. My favorite thing about watching movies is it requires no effort of thinking (unless I’ve decided to watch an intense movie like Arrival-which I still have to think about after watching it 3 times). Just because I’m bored doesn’t mean I want to become super busy. Watching a movie helps me stay entertained while enjoying my lazy time. If I don’t have time to watch a movie or feel like something else, I am a total binge-watcher of Netflix. The only issue with binge-watching Netflix is that I watch through series so fast I never know what to watch next. Fellow binge-watchers who need a new series…this list is for you: New Girl, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin, Victoria.


When I’m bored I’m normally also hungry. Honestly, my thoughts typically go something like “I’m hungry…actually, I’m just bored.” And I give into that bored and hungry thought process much too easily. But hey! It keeps me well-fed and happy, so I’m okay with it. I like to bake and enjoy trying to bake new recipes. This activity is fun because 1) it keeps me entertained 2) at the end I’m rewarded with a yummy treat. Who doesn’t want to turn their “I’m bored” thought into a “Dang, that was a good cupcake” thought?


I’m not much of a runner. Okay, I just don’t run. In case you couldn’t tell from my movies and baking suggestions, I’m a fairly lazy person. Despite that, I love to go on walks. I love to go walk around the river or downtown. It’s fun to get outside of my apartment or off of campus and just enjoy the beauty of the city or nature. Walking my dog or going with my husband makes the experience more enjoyable and entertaining. Plus, it helps me walk off those chocolate chip cookies I just baked.

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