4 Summer Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

barbecue and corn on the grill

One of the best things about summer is the number of times people decide they need to through a party. People feel free during the summer, the light stays around longer, the weather is warm, and there is no school to worry about.

The best part about these parties is they almost always involve copious amounts of food. Many of us don’t consider, or even know, what kinds of food are good and bad for our teeth. While “the best way to prevent periodontal disease, as well as cavities, is through a regimen of thorough daily brushing and flossing,” according to Washington Periodontics, awareness of foods that are bad for your teeth can also help.

Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce is a heaven-sent sauce for grilled and smoked meats. There are different varieties, but most people are familiar with the thick, tangy, and smoky version that goes so well with barbecued meat.

Barbecue sauce is a culprit on this list due to its high sugar content. You don’t get that wonderful taste from it being healthy, that’s for sure. Sugar is bad as it coats your teeth and can lead to plaque and tooth decay. Dark foods and sauces also have the tendency to stain teeth, so if you are attending a BBQ, get your whitening strips ready.


Do I need to explain this one? I love soda, but definitely, know that it is terrible. As good as soda is, and it is really good, it has a terribly high amount of sugar. The sugar content is not good for your teeth, or any part of your body at all.

Carbonation is also bad for your teeth, Carbonated drinks typically are acidic, and that acid eats through your tooth enamel, the protective coating, and can cause cavities and decay.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is my biggest vice. I swear I can’t stop eating it. I’m not alone either, people of all ages love it!

Ice cream is very bad for your teeth. Again sugar is a big culprit. Ice cream is loaded with sugar, so even just a little bit can be bad for your teeth. Ice cream also has very minimal dairy in it due to the way it is made, so there goes the possibility of it being good for you in any way.

Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob isn’t the worst on this list. It is actually good for your body, when not loaded with butter. The first is that the kernels get lodged very easily in between your teeth. If you have ever eaten corn on the cob, you can verify that. This can cause problems if not removed quickly enough.

Corn on the cob also has some harder parts in the middle and edges, and if your teeth scrape or bite on this, it has the potential to cause some damage.


There are many foods that are harmful to your teeth. There are also many good ones. When at a party, if there are burgers on the grill, eat it with cheese and lettuce. Cheese and leafy greens are very good for your teeth and help remove bacteria. Many fruits and vegetables are also good for your oral hygiene.

Make sure that you are taking the time to carefully brush, floss, and gargle with mouthwash to maintain a healthy mouth and smile. Summer is awesome. Don’t ruin it with an unnecessary trip to the dentist.

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