4 Skills You Will Develop During College

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College is a crazy time. You are put through a ton, emotionally, socially, and of course academically. College is a place of higher education, meaning you learn a lot.

Not all the things you learn will just be academic facts or theories. You will gain knowledge and skills that will help you develop academically and in many other ways.

These are just a few of the skills you will learn during your college journey.


In order to do well in college, you will need to learn how to study. The tried and true cram-the-night-before method used by highschoolers everywhere won’t help you in your harder classes, and it definitely won’t help you know enough to be a highly effective industry professional, regardless of your major.

It is important to learn how you best retain information. Some people need to study across multiple days to make sure they retain all the necessary information. Others just need a few hours broken up into shorter segments. Learn how you learn, and put it to good use.


I put this as separate from studying because I think this involves both the study and social skills aspects of this article. You need to know what to study in order to test well. Sometimes there is too much material to take in, and you have to be able to quickly recognize what is important and what to spend your time on.

It involves social skills because being good at testing also involves understanding people. If you know your professor, their tendencies, pet peeves, and in-class rants, it will help you to know how to prepare and how to go about the test.

Just because you know your professor doesn’t mean you will do well, but I can think of multiple times where I figured out an answer on a test simply from knowing my teacher wasn’t fond of a certain aspect of that chapter and gave the class a sermon about it.


I sure hope you develop these in college anyway. Social interaction in college is a must. If you don’t take some time to relax and hang out with friends you will go crazy, I guarantee it. Not to mention all of the interactions you’ll have with other students through group projects and on-campus jobs.

Luckily, there are many people in college who are laid back. There is less emphasis on social standing or cliques like there was in high school. I made friends by joining a game of volleyball, I had literally never spoken to them in my life and we ended up hanging out quite a few times that semester. College students all want friends, so if you are nice and somewhat outgoing, you will find friends. 


College students aren’t known for their prowess in the kitchen. You will eat a lot of frozen food, ramen, and mac and cheese. But what you will hopefully also learn is how to cook simple meals that you will love.

I learned how to make pretty decent fried rice from a roommate. It is a simple meal to make, and I love eating it so it was a win-win. I am not a great cook, but I learned to do a few things and it saved me from a life of processed foods.

It can also help if you live on campus and have a meal plan. I saw a cool set up the other day from American Avenue apartments in Rexburg, Idaho. Their website, myamericanave.com, details a cool deal where they have a deal through the school where you get so many meals from the cafeteria but also get to get some experience cooking for yourself. Best of both worlds.


College will change your life for sure. It will teach you a lot, help you grown, and give you the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful. Along the way, make sure you are developing personally, not just academically. This will make you a well-rounded individual, a better employee, and a happier person.


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