4 Reasons to Consider Going Dairy-Free: A Way to Healthy Life Guide

consider alternatives to dairy milk

Many grew up hearing about the importance of drinking cow’s milk. We were also told that dairy products were a way to build healthy bones and grow up nice and strong.

And most people willingly obliged because a nice cold glass with your pb&j or a delicious grilled cheese with soup on a chilly night was just something you couldn’t refuse.

As tasty as it is, some people may notice as they get older things such as bad skin, tummy aches, and maybe even some weight gain which can all be traced back to our beloved dairy products.

When this happens, it’s probably time to start thinking about some alternatives, but will these products really give you the benefits without all the side effects?

The answer is most likely yes, so here are four reasons to consider ditching the cow for good.

Fewer breakouts

Have you found that even after your teen years acne and frequent breakouts still seem to be a big problem?

Well, the root of your issue may, in fact, lie with dairy, and giving milk and all other products up might be the exact solution that your face needed to clear up.

Many dermatologists have begun to recommend eliminating these products to patients who seem to be suffering from acne, and many have found that once they do their face clears up like never before.

There isn’t an exact reason to why it seems that it can cause this kind of reaction in the skin, but whatever it may be, in the end, it’s probably worthwhile to switch over to alternatives for nice, pimple-free skin.

Helps your waistline

As delicious as milk and cheese are, they aren’t doing any favors for your waistline. Due to the high-fat content in most dairy products, consuming them on a regular basis could be the reason why you can’t seem to shake off those last ten or fifteen pounds you’ve been holding on to.

Also, buying dairy-free products will make it easier to sustain a healthier diet.

Fewer tummy aches

One of the downsides of  dairy is that there are many people who have an intolerance to it.

Have you ever had too much ice cream and had a giant tummy ache after? Or after eating too much cheesy pasta? That could be the dairy and lactose within it that your body is having a hard time digesting.

Plant-based kinds of milk and non-dairy products are a lot easier for your stomach to digest. Using them you will find to have fewer tummy aches and be able to process foods more efficiently.

Better for the environment and your wallet

There are many benefits to switching from dairy to plant-based kinds of milk. One being it can be more cost-effective. A lot of plant-based milk can be made easily at home and customized to how you like them.

For example, you can store soybeans in bulk and then make your own soymilk, and the same goes for almonds, cashews, and oat milk.

Avoiding dairy helps the environment and minimizes your carbon footprint. Dairy farms and the production takes a toll on the environment.

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