4 Professionals That Treat Musculoskeletal Pain

chiropractor treating back pain

Injuries are an unfortunate, yet not uncommon occurrence. The likelihood of sustaining a serious injury is reduced when you stretch, use proper form in exercise and lifting, and use protective gear. Sometimes, however, injuries happen anyway.

When you are in pain from being injured, the only thing you really want is to have relief. There are a number of professionals that can provide relief to you, depending on what the issue is.

The injuries I am going to focus on are musculoskeletal pain. This includes all muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.


If something feels off, especially in your back or neck, then a chiropractor is a great person to visit. They can help with simple realignments, which help ensure your neck and spine are straight.

Chiropractors are trained to be able to manipulate the body to relieve pain and heal injuries. They do this mostly through hands-on manipulation, but they also have a number of tools they can use to help them out.

Massage Therapist

Pain can come from muscles that are sore or have been overstretched or underused. A massage therapist is a great person to visit if you have distinct muscle pain.

A massage therapist can give a deep tissue massage to relieve the pain you are feeling. If a deep tissue massage causes any pain, they can work into the muscle lighter to your comfort level. Massages can really help relieve your pain, just make sure to stay hydrated afterward for the best effect. Plus massages are super relaxing, so it’s a win-win.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist uses exercise and hands-on manipulation to help you recover from injury and relieve pain. You need to visit with them consistently for the best results.

A physical therapist will meet with you and ask questions to understand the situation. Did you have surgery, did you hurt your self at work, what were you doing, etc. By knowing what happened, your physical therapist can make a plan designed specifically for you and your needs. Consistent work will need to be put in, but physical therapy is usually very effective.


If nothing else seems to be helping, you may need to go visit with an orthopedic doctor. They are specialists and experts on the muscles and bones of the body.

Typically, I would recommend this if you had a significant injury, or if you sustained an injury that has not been getting any better for some time. You generally don’t want to go as your first resort if your injury was not major, but if you feel like it is the right call, listen to your gut. Either way, when the time is right an orthopedic specialist near you can help get you pain-free.


Injuries are terrible. They can cause pain and deeply impact your life. Your muscles and bones do a good job of fighting off injury and recovering. If your injury persists, go see someone who can help you get the relief you need and put you on the road back to healing.

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