4 Conditions You Should See a Urologist For

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This is no one’s favorite topic, other than the people who have devoted their lives to studying it. The health of the urinary system is critical to the health of the body.  A urologist is a specialized doctor that can help identify and treat issues within the urinary system.

There are many reasons you might need to go to a urologist. Many of these problems are perceived to be embarrassing, and while they are not always fun to talk about, it is very important that you get these issues checked out, even if you might just think something feels a little off. Manwaring Tall Urology is a great example of a practice that will give you great advice, provide quality treatment, and get your life to where you want it to be. Here are four health conditions/problems that if you are experiencing you should see a urologist.

Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is the loss of control over one’s bowels. It may be a small leak and isn’t always connected to something larger. Sometimes it is simply due to laughing too hard, or no available bathrooms.

There are times where urinary incontinence can be a symptom of a larger problem. A urologist can do an examination to see if there is a more significant problem at play.  Simple things like diet or related problems like constipation or urinary tract infections can also play a role in causing this to happen.

Men’s Sexual Health

Most men’s sexual health needs can be addressed or treated by a urologist. Everything from erectile dysfunction to infertility issues to vasectomies can be counseled on and treated.

These issues are not uncommon in men, and while many find it hard to go get help, there are a number of simple treatments available to assist in the men’s overall sexual health. Most issues can be treated with medication, others may require surgical fixes, but a urologist can help you find the best option for you.

I’m treating this issue a little more generally as it varies so much from case to case. Your urologist can do in-depth examinations to identify problems, causes, and solutions.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are the only pain a man can feel to rival the pain of giving birth. Everything I have heard from those I know who have experienced them, it sounds accurate.

Kidney stones are a calcified mass of minerals that forms in your kidney and either hangs out there in the kidney or moves to the bladder. Either way, it can cause terrible pain. Most stones can be passed given time and drinking plenty of water. Others can be more difficult to pass, or even get stuck and may require surgical attention.

Urologists can identify kidney stones and then determine what needs to be done to treat them. Kidney stones aren’t likely to cause permanent damage, but it is important to get them checked out as soon as possible to be safe.


While a urologist will not be treating your cancer, they are the ones that, most of the time, help people identify cancer in any area of their expertise (bladder, kidneys, prostate, male reproductive system,  or anywhere else in the urinary system).

Urologists are going to help get you to the medical professional that can assist you with the next step. Though not common, its still very important. If you think it may be a problem, set up an appointment immediately.

Urologists are highly trained doctors that can help you find relief from pain, improved health, and a greater quality of life. Don’t to go to a urologist with a relevant problem. It may only be a problem until you visit them. Healing is only a phone call away.

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