3 Types of Doctors To See If You Have A Foot Problem


Have you ever hurt yourself and wondered “Who do I even see for this type of injury?” You aren’t alone, it can be confusing. 

The medical field is such that there are specialists for just about any part of the body, and even people who specialize in a certain condition of certain parts of the body. You gotta appreciate that level of specificity. 

With there being so many doctors out there it is important to know who to see first, as there may be more than one visit to more than one doctor. There is an order to these things, so here are some suggestions of who to see and when to see them.

Family Medicine

Your family medicine doctor or physician can be seen for a multitude of issues. It is usually good to see them first anyway for a number of reasons.

First, they are really good at diagnosing issues. They can look at problems and usually let you know what the problem is very accurate. Their medical school experience allows them to have knowledge of the entire body, so they can help regardless of the problem. 

Second, they are usually fairly easy to see on short notice. Their schedules can fill up, but if they work for a practice, you will likely have some options and be able to get help quickly. 

Third, many insurance providers require you receive a referral before going to a specialist to avoid paying more for an issue that could be helped by a quick doctor’s visit. If the problem does merit a specialized treatment, then your doctor can refer you to a specialist for further examination.


A podiatrist is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of feet and ankles. They don’t attend the same medical school that many medical professionals attend, instead, they attend a podiatric medical school where their entire focus is on the feet and ankles. They also do several years in a residency position before being certified. 

Their educational background gives them a highly focused area of expertise, so if you have foot issues they are prepared to help. They can do everything from simple examinations to surgical operations.

Orthopedic Doctor 

Orthopedic doctors specialize in the treatment of muscles bones, tissue, ligaments, etc. This constitutes the musculoskeletal system, and if there is any issue involving these body parts, they can help.

Orthopedic doctors many times will specialize in one area of the body in particular. You may find an orthopedic surgeon that has training and background in treating foot and ankle injuries. This will be the best option for the treatment of your injury.


Any injury left untreated can cause issues down the road. This is especially true of injuries to body parts that you use a lot, like the feet and ankles. If you have such an injury, get in to see a doctor so you can get the help you need to have a healthy body and a happy life.

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