3 Benefits to Regenerative Medicine

regenerative medicine

One of the coolest superhero powers is that of regeneration. Heroes like Wolverine have the power to heal themselves after they are injured. It makes them nearly invincible, as their body can rapidly heal just about any injury that comes their way.

While superheroes don’t actually live among us, people are getting the chance to regenerate. The medical field has advanced enough to develop regenerative medicine methods, a couple of which include Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections and Stem Cell injections, as we see with Walker Spine and Sports Specialists.

Regenerative medicine techniques are methods of stimulating the body to heal itself. Many times this is done by injecting healthy cells or blood platelets from your own body into an injured or damaged area to increase blood flow and expedite healing. There are many benefits to this kind of technique, but here are a couple of highlights.


Take stem cell treatments as an example. Stem cells are highly versatile cells in your body that have the ability to take on the function of other cells. Based on the science, stem cells can be injected to replace the bad tissue and promote healing.

This is incredibly valuable, and scientists have learned how to make an unlimited supply. When subjected to certain conditions, scientists have been able to take harvested stem cells and cause them to divide and produce other cells, with specialized functions ready to go. So they have cells waiting to treat whatever issue in the body could arise.

By learning how to reproduce these cells in a lab, we have ensured that if we are able to get one cell, the treatments can be completed. The same goes for many regenerative techniques, others simply use your own blood platelets, or that of a donor, so that the operation is incredibly effective and easy to perform.

Natural Healing

Surgery, medications, and steroid injections are great but not natural. Regenerative medicine techniques are great because while they involve using natural means to heal your body. People can have negative reactions to certain treatments or medications. This can be due to the severity of their condition, or other times their body may just not react well to what was administered.

Regenerative medicine methods let the body heal itself, they just increase the effectiveness and speed of healing by introducing the building blocks of healing directly to the injured or damaged area. The body will generally accept these treatments well because it is following the healing procedures our body has programmed. Natural healing with a little encouragement.

Nonsurgical/Minimally Invasive

Surgery can be debilitating. It can be very effective but can also lead to a long road to complete recovery. Most good doctors look for as many non-surgical treatment options as they can because they know that surgery will be expensive, difficult, and life-changing.

Most regenerative medicine techniques are non-surgical. Many just require a simple injection, and maybe your blood drawn. It is effective because it is natural. You can get these methods without impacting your life in a huge way. There may be some restrictions, but your doctor will counsel you thoroughly on any potential side effects and restrictions.


Regenerative medicine techniques have thus far proven effective. Some are still being researched to determine their long-term viability and there are some still being approved for use. These methods can change the way we recover and heal. Perhaps there are superheroes among us. They just happen to look like the medical professionals fighting for advancements in modern medicine.

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