10 Fall Date Night Ideas for College Students

college date night

Dating in college can seem tough, especially when you are short on cash and time, but there are a lot of fun fall activities that can save you stress and money. 


Go on a Hayride


Hay can be scratchy, but hayrides are a smooth excuse to cuddle close to someone as you bounce along the road. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket before you head out to make the moment extra cozy. 




Autumn weather is notorious for feeling crisp, which means it’s the perfect time to head outdoors. Go for a drive through a tree-filled canyon to admire the changing leaves and stop for a picnic. Your meal can be as simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, though you do get bonus points if you have a basket. 


Thrift Shop


If you don’t feel like being outside, take a date to search for treasure at a thrift shop. You can give yourselves a budget and try to find the best outfits, or you can search for books you’ve read or a puzzle to do together. If you know of some garage sales going on, hit those too. 


Visit a Haunted House


Taking a date to a haunted house is a fall classic. If you want someone to hold your hand, chances are they’ll do it in a haunted house. However, if you don’t want your date to see you screaming in fear, you might want to choose something else.


Take a Hike


Now is the time to appreciate the surrounding nature before the snow hitsso go for a hike. Do some quick researching on local hiking trails that would be of interest to you both. It’s likely that the leaves are getting ready to turn to set the mood for a romantic fall afternoon. Check out helpful trail finders such as to make your search a bit easier. 


Ride Bikes


If you want to explore the local area, grab some bikes and make it an adventure. Tandem biking is good exercise, plus you can ride to the nature park to see the ducks or play a round of disc golf. 




Sometimes it’s nice to simply wind down in your apartment for a date and not go anywhere. If you still want to make it fun and not just watch a movie, head to Walmart and grab some canvas magnets, paint, and paintbrushes. These magnets are the perfect addition to your fridge and that way you can make something together but still keep your own. If you can’t think of anything to paint, watch some YouTube videos of Bob Ross for inspiration.


Volunteer Together


Your campus will undoubtedly have service activities to sign up for. Sure, they might not always sound like fun, but if you bring a date they can be! Doing service with a date is a great test to measure someone’s humilityso if someone asks you to volunteer with them, no pressure. 


Pick Apples


Picking apples is a rewarding date activity. Helping each other climb ladders, pick the perfect apples, and fill up a basket helps you spend a relaxing afternoon getting to know someone while also gathering loads of apples to eat. Once you’ve picked all the apples you want, you can take them home and bake a sweet treat with them!


Go to a Pumpkin Patch


Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins on a front porch. While you could simply go to the grocery store and have your pick of a pumpkin, visiting a pumpkin patch is a sure way to make a date of it. Here’s an extra tip, if you go to a pumpkin patch, take a lot of pictures, I promise your date will appreciate it. 

Take advantage of the fall season and activities while they last, cold weather is fast approaching! But don’t worry, when it starts snowing we’ve got you covered with some winter date night ideas

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