The most terrifying plague nowadays is considered to be cancer. The number of cancer patients has rapidly increased so we are practically all in danger of developing this deadly disease. The risk of cancer has increased so much that 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 2 men will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime.
The remarkable scientist Johanna Budwig, studied cancer and made a treatment protocol for the disease, which sadly hasn’t been used as it gains no financial profit.

Financial aid has been constantly donated to sponsor researchers in order to finally discover a cure for cancer, but this is still just a myth. As it seems, no therapies, drugs, drinks, and medication can cure this deadly disease.

The interest for the cancer treatment with cannabis oil has been growing all the time, however it’s not available for all patients who number is increasing every year. The reason is because there hasn’t been discovered a solution to package it and sell it by the Big Pharma, so it isn’t used as it can’t increase their profit.

Every year, around $125 billion are spent for the cancer industry, so it is clearly a huge business. So, they shouldn’t fool us that there’s no cure for cancer, as there is.
The German scientist and 5-time Nobel Prize nominee, Johanna Budwig has discovered the cure for cancer in 1951. This incredible women held one doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry, and one in medicine, and has also studied biochemistry, psychology, and physics.

She claims to have the cure for cancer, but the doctors in America don’t want to listen to her. They are impressed by her methods, but they want to make a special deal with her to take the cure and gain a lot of money. Dr. Budwig refuses to do it, so she is rejected in every country.

She was leading a research about the process of making a margarine- that is, the process of hardening oils into solids. During this research, he discovered that hydrogenated oils (trans fatty acids) are highly dangerous to health. Besides this, she also discovered the cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, liver dysfunctions, and cardiovascular problems.

The discovery of Dr. Budwig was that cancer cells lack the nutrients required at a molecular level (with the right neutrons and protons) for their maturing. She also discovered that cancer patients have red blood cells which lack fatty layer, in contrast with those in healthy people.

The result of her discoveries was a cure for cancer which had 90 percent success rate. Reportedly, she effectively treated a lot of cancer sufferers, including some in stage 4, after radiation treatment and failed surgery. Dr.Budwig’s treatment for cancer included diet changes and nutrition.

Her diet didn’t contain additives and animal products, except for cottage cheese or quark, in a combination with flaxseed oil. The protein and oil combination gave the required nutrients on a molecular level, and the cancer cells were sloughed off or absorbed while the body was totally healthy only after a period of three months.

Dr.Budwig wrote and published 6 books and numerous articles. However, if she didn’t spend so much time in margarine litigation, her work would have been more documented and valued. What’s more, there was often a restriction on the publication of her work. Nevertheless, she managed to reveal some important information from her secret that can be extremely significant for the human kind, and can save many people’s lives.

Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Work to Re-energize Cells

The moment when the saturated fatty acids in flaxseed oil bind with the sulphydryl groups in cottage cheese or quark, a chemical reaction is created which makes flaxseed turn to water-soluble that can penetrate into cells to produce energy.

In the same way as batteries, human cells also need electrical energy to properly function and energize all functions in the body. So, body cells can be fueled with energy with the combination of these two ingredients. The supply of oxygen to the cells of Dr. Budwig’s patients was improved during her research, and they treated all types of cancer, such as brain, breast, and gastrointestinal cancer.

Dr. Budwig gives the following instructions and advice for those who like to obtain the maximum benefits from her diet protocol:

  • Consume just purified water
  • Sufficient sun exposure for stimulation of the body and mind healing
  • Avoid sugar, meat, or animal fat
  • Eat freshly prepared food, and not leftovers
  • Avoid all processed foods
  • Avoid all types of drugs and supplements
  • Use just fresh and organic vegetables and fruits
  • Grind fresh flax seeds and take them within 15 minutes of grinding
  • Combine flaxseed oil and cottage cheese or quark in a 1:2 ratio, and blend until there is no visible oil floating, and don’t add anything else

Dr. Budwig recommends one tablespoon of flaxseed oil in the mixture a day for prevention of cancer, and 8 tablespoons for treatment of cancer. You should as well get rid of all toxic sources, such as trans fats, GMO foods, and Teflon and plastic cookware, as they can trigger cancer pathogenesis. The scientific and medical community were greatly affected by the research of Dr. Budwig, and now after 5 decades, they use the study of fats and oils and their impact on the body.

For optimal healing and health, you should choose high-quality ingredients. For example, a good choice is the Barlean’s cold pressed flax oil stored in a dark bottle, without added lignins. Don’t use it after the expiration date. The Nancy’s Organic Lowfat Cottage Cheese which includes probiotics and enzymes, is beneficial even in dairy sensitivity cases.

Cottage cheese with lower quality hampers the necessary chemical reaction from happening between the fatty acids and sulphydryl groups. Moreover, the included preservatives and hormones in the cheese, as well as the high heat pasteurization processes can destroy the sulfur-containing protein. The diet protocol of Dr. Budwig successfully prevents and reverses cancer.

Preparation of the Budwig Diet Mixture

The dosage can be adjusted according to the severity of symptoms and the purpose. The recommended preparation is 2 tablespoons of organic quark or low fat cottage cheese (2% or less) added in a tablespoon of cold pressed flax oil for every 100 pounds of an individual. The ingredients should be placed and mixed in a glass container. Use an immersion blender to mix them, and not hand, so that you get a whipped cream consistency
To get an airy and fluffy mixture, use coffee grinder to grind couple of tablespoons of golden or brown flaxseeds for about a minute. Then put it in a glass container, and add the cheese and oil mixture. Stir the mixture well with a spoon. If you like you can add fruits, nuts, or spices on the top.

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The most terrifying plague nowadays is considered to be cancer. The number of cancer patients has rapidly increased so we are practically all in danger of developing this deadly disease. The risk of cancer has increased so much that 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 2 men...