The Pegan Diet-A Dieting Middle Ground Method

pegan diet

What is the Pegan Diet?

There is a reason so many people have been jumping on board the new Pegan diet recently. The Pegan diet is an innovative approach to dieting. Rather than adding restrictive rules to the diets we’re all familiar with, the Pegan approach is a marriage of two currently existing systems, the Paleo and the Vegan diets. How does that work? Well, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, the Pegan diet’s creator, this combination takes the best out of two disparate worlds. Unlike veganism, the Pegan diet allows for meat and animal proteins (albeit in limited amounts) and unlike the Paleo diet, the Pegan diet permits some grains and stresses the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables.

What Types of Foods are on the Pegan Diet?

Key principles

75% of the Pegan diet is made up of fruits and vegetables. This approach to health focuses on the fact that these foods have massive amounts of nutrients in them as well as plenty of protein. However, you are encouraged to obtain protein from other sources like nuts, seeds beans and, yes, meat. As this makes up 25% of your diet, if you regularly crave meat it gives you a way to enjoy what you love, while remaining healthy!


No gluten and no dairy. Limited bean consumption (1 cup or less per day) and limited gluten-free grains (1/2 cup or less at a meal.) You are also encouraged to avoid sugar and additives to foods like sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors.

What are the Benefits to a Pegan Diet?

Protein intake

The most exciting benefit to the Pegan diet is that it allows for a compromise on how someone seeking to eat healthy can obtain protein. On a strictly vegan diet, it can be very difficult to maintain the amount of protein a body needs—and the more active you are the harder this deficit is to meet!

The Right Foods (Organic Whole Plant Foods)

The Pegan diet focuses in on organic plants. Choosing a diet from whole plant foods means you are getting a nutrient dense diet without any additives. Both the Vegan and the Paleo diet share this focus and that is probably why they combined with such healthy flair!

Restrictions on Grain Intake

Depending on where you look, this may be a cause for concern (in either direction). For people fond of the Paleo diet, adding in any grains seems over the top, and for others the restrictions seem too tight. But it would be hard to argue that most Americans aren’t eating too many grains for their health. Limiting that intake seems to be an overall good choice.


Pegan Recipes anyone?

Whenever hitting a new diet plan one of the most crucial elements is finding the right recipes. We all want to be happy with our food, and if we can do that while being healthy, it is a win on all sides. There are some great cookbooks out there to purchase, but if you are just starting out with the Pegan diet why not start with some free ideas? With that in mind, check out these links for some tasty ideas.

The Think Kitchen

Low Meat Pegan Ideas

16 different options

Want to know more about the Pegan Diet?

If you find yourself curious about the Pegan diet and want to do some additional digging, here are some good places to start, including some expert opinions on how healthy this new diet really is:



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